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  1. My wife bought me the CD version of the JT 30th anniversary box set for my birthday today, and it showed up shrink wrapped with all the correct labels on it. However when I opened it it contained the following: No CDs 2 empty black vinyl sleeves 2 copies of the 8 Anton Cobijn prints 1 book of Edge's photo that has been bound backwards and upside down. Meaning, when opening the book with the cover facing upward the first page is actually the last page of the book facing downward. As you read through the book upside down, the last page is the dedication page (which should be first) followed by the back cover again facing the right way. It was a little hard to take photos to show it but I think you can see enough to make sense. I also included a stock photo of the real box set and a photo of what my set actually looks like. Did anyone else get a box set that's screwed up like this one? She bought hers through Amazon so they are sending a replacement for free, but I think I'm going to keep the book - it might be a collector's item down the road!
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