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  1. Hello Max, as you saw by the number of complaints (in the Brasil) made you see who is wrong in this case of the sale of tickets here in Brazil. Now the Brasilian consumer protection notified the company that is selling tickets for not respecting the laws and consumers. The U2.com can not just pretend nothing is happening, because this is the official website of the group and many members like me are having problems with this sales company in Brazil. Did the group (Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry) are aware that this is happening? Best regards Alexander
  2. Max many thanks for the attention, I followed the instructions U2.com, the problem is really with the seller of tickets, just clarify one thing to me, the site ticketforfun.com.br said it was the U2.com who ordered the use of CPF (Brazilian identification code) as code for tickets buy and not the subscriber code. Is this really true? Because if you tell me it's not true I have argument there to request my tickets or my money back. Best regards, Alexander
  3. Max correct, we made the purchase of four tickets per subscriber code, we just use the same registration on site ticketforfun to facilitate delivery of the tickets at the same address, but to make the purchase of 12 tickets we had to make three separate purchases by placing each code in separate transactions. For the purchase page is loaded it was necessary to put the code that automatically associate the tickets were limited to 4. We are three brothers, and we are all subscribers u2.com. We are not ticket scalpers Subscribers Alexander Tadeu Sverzut - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - p
  4. Okay, thank you for your attention. I already sent a formal complaint to the site as suggested. Please clarify me about a doubt, for example, if I have have an account on the site ticketmaster.com, me and my two brothers are three subscribers U2.com and we have 3 subscriber codes, for ease delivery of tickets will use my account on the site ticktmaster.com to buy 12 tickets in three separate transactions to facilitate the dispatch of tickets. According to the site u2.com this procedure is correct in my understanding, OK. Just need confirmation that if this procedure is correct, because the ti
  5. I am extremely frustrated, I feel cheated and stolen. I know of the confiability of the LiveNation company, but this confiability is not applied in companies in Brazil. I was fortunate to attend the U2 concert in Rome on October 8, and I had no problems, even bought my ticket that was sent to me in Brazil without any problem. Recently there were rumors of a U2 concert in Brazil, to guarantee our tickets if the rumor was confirmed in advance myself and my two brothers subscribed the U2.com to buy our tickets with the presales codes. To our gladness the show has been confirmed, we anxiously awa
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