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  1. I'm happy to have this...BUT I really wish they would have added some of the deeper cuts they performed on the Experience tour. However, this thought is also over ruled by the fact that the band may not play some of these songs ever again. That Crystal Ballroom track is just the best.
  2. I haven't been this pumped about a subscriber's gift since they gave us ZOO TV Live from Sydney!  Can't wait to see the tracklisting.

  3. Loved Songs of Experience. Such an amazing album! Easily their best album since All That You Can't Leave Behind (or Atomic Bomb depending on your preference). The end of Experience has a real finality to it. Which leads me to this question: Will we get Songs of Ascent? Has everyone noticed how quiet Bono is about it? He's not talking about anything but Experience, now I understand that's the new album and that's what he is hyping at the moment. Could the rest of the band be telling him to ease up on the trilogy's end? Could Experience be that end? Is Bono's health a reason they may n
  4. Disclaimer: I believe U2 is greatest band in the world. I haven't seen or heard a better band in my lifetime and I don't think I ever will. Also, I'm a paying fan club member and own almost everything they've ever released. If I don't have a physical copy of it, I'm sure I have it digitally. I believe U2 will release one more album after Experience and call it day. I'm thinking it's just a matter of time, I think they know they have nothing more to prove. Quite frankly, I hope they do what R.E.M. did. Put out one last amazing album and then call it a day. Everybody shakes hands and
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