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  1. that concert/streaming was stunning - seemed way better than the reduced TV version in December   Itswhy - on their day- still the best live band on this planet   Almost had me crying it was so beautiful 

  2. This is the email announcing the first Singapore show - where clearly the ability to use code over various shows unto a max of 4 remained. I consider the change - so I based my decision on ability to go to sep shows incl maybe 2 in Singapore- to be a breach of contract . U2 need to fix this for I might start to lose faith in them - I have been a fan club member since U2INFO but over recent years they appear to be losing touch with the fans Mike Dear Michael, Singapore, for the very first time… The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 will reach Singapore's N
  3. Even though this still stinks imo - a system issue in such a developed place as Singapore beggars belief. That said there must be a work around ie send me a new code and trust I won't exceed 4 - and then do a spot check on people to test whether anyone dying to take advantage. Why is there something every time with U2 ticket sales ?
  4. Tried tickets for Nashville show. Innocence I was told was my date to try. 0 availability. Wanting 2 GA tickets. Friends got them on the experience day. Not happy.  Vacation could be cancelled. 

    Please asvise!!

    Dan O

  5. thanks - hoping so and maybe see you there !
  6. I can't complete registration fro Flashseats as in the UK so hoping the 'show your credit card' advice works
  7. Same here - but think showing CC should be sufficient from what I read
  8. so used code for 1 ticket in Las Vegas- all good Now attempting to use code for 1 more ticket in LA - accepts code but then only option (in theory) is VIP tickets ??? This really is rubbish - the whole process doesn't get better tour to tour and biggest live band in the world should really be better than this - just saying
  9. so I got GA and don't have the Flashseats APP - but have had the email and says I can just show my credit card so all should be good ?
  10. Not denied but used code for 1 ticket in LV (as via AXS) and that was a breeze - but now trying to use code onTM for LA and accepts code but then just takes me to VIP tickets - which aren't then available ????
  11. I'm FRIED over this...both NYC and beantown done...No-way they even had any avail going into today...couldnt of sold out all 6 days in 3-4 mins...BUMMED BIG TIME there are 334,000 u2 subcribers . Paid subscribers that would receive a code ?
  12. The VIP/travel packages have eye watering prices so shame on whoever agreed to allocate tickets to those operators. The best seat tickets are also way too expensive IMO. And let's not get onto TMcharges - rip off

  13. As a long standing fan club member (back to U2 Info) I have to say that the news from U2.com is rubbish. Yes while I don't expect commentary on all the rumours I expect any new news (tomorrow or later) will be elsewhere first - blimey even the 18m Facebook page probably be late in the day reporting news. Just wish U2 better communicating with real (and not new potential)'fans
  14. NLOTH had some god moments for me - but Boots wasn't one of them. This (not even the lead single) is way better to these ears
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