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  1. Pshe

    13 minutes ago, dmway said:

    R.I.P. to my mom - 4 years ago she went to join all of her friends and relatives who went to heaven first.

    I know she is helping us from beyond to make sure we have a new president in January 2021. Thank you, mom, for everything you did for me and all of our family while you were here. R.I.P.

    She is in peace and looking for us!

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    14 hours ago, dmway said:

    Ah, I agree! This is good news.

    I was going to write a grand review of all the DVDs they have ever released (since we have watched them all together in somewhat close proximity time-wise) and, as an extension, say which ones would benefit from an HD upgrade the most. Since I never got around to it, I’ll give you the briefest of summaries: the Boston Elevation show is the one that would benefit from an HD upgrade the most. (If this surprises you, it shouldn’t - Boston was the first live DVD they ever released and it hasn’t been revisited ever since (until 2020, that is, hopefully). Every other show has had upgrading (not necessarily to HD quality, but improved over their initial releases) after its original release (except for Slane, which I hope is next for an HD upgrade). Anyway, I hope such an upgrade has happened.

    I know they’re wanting to celebrate on the anniversary of the release of ATYCLB, but the 30th is a Friday, it is not? I hope those of us here in the Americas have workplaces tolerant to U2 fans. 😄 (Yes, I know many of us are still working at home, but not everyone is. Maybe this is a good reason for some to ask for the day off...)


    Since I'm working at home, I think I will be able to watch it!

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  3. On 9/23/2020 at 11:46 PM, Manohlive said:


    You are studying Portuguese?  That's impressive.  I know Spanish and Italian.  Portuguese is a whole other ball game.  I don't even try to understand when I hear it spoken.  I just listen to the flow.  It's beautiful.  I am going to check out Duolingo.   

    Congrats, dmway.  

    It's interesting that a lot of people think that Brazilians speak Spanish! 😆

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  4. 13 hours ago, dmway said:

    Thank you!

    The funny thing is that, linguistically speaking, you know the two languages that are closest to Portuguese. Thus, you would have very little problem with the vocabulary once you understood the spelling differences between them. (The grammar could be a different matter.)

    Duolingo is wonderful! This isn't a random opinion - I taught foreign languages (i.e., Ancient Greek and Latin) for over 20 years. With that experience, I can confirm that their method of teaching is pedagogically sound...and fun! If you like apps that are more conversationally-oriented, you may want to check out Babbel as well. If you want one that's great on all four skills (i.e., reading, writing, listening, and speaking), it's hard to do better than Rosetta Stone. There are many others, but these three would teach you whatever you wanted to learn in whatever manner you wanted to learn.



    Poor language teachers! They are heading towards extinction.

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  5. 16 hours ago, dmway said:

    I - after many, many months - finally finished 1st in the Diamond League (i.e., the highest of their 10 leagues) for the week on Duolingo! 😊

    The highest I was ever able to finish was third (once in the Diamond League, once in a lower league that I can't remember). I even did it as a free member too; so, I beat out all the other free and paid members this past week as well. 😎

    I have to give a lot of credit to Duolingo - they make learning a new language very entertaining. (I do recommend the app to others wanting to learn a new language.)

    Congratulations! Thank you for studying my native language!

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  6. On 8/16/2020 at 3:25 PM, dmway said:

    This is more a beautiful thing to do during the pandemic, but Beck has joined forces with the NASA JPL (i.e., their Jet Propulsion Lab) to come up with a collaborative website that promotes both Beck's latest album "Hyperspace" (which is fantastic, by the way) and the JPL's rarely-seen images of all the members of our solar system and beyond (most have never been seen before by the general public). It is a very cool team effort. Check it out for yourself:



    It's really nice!

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  7. On 8/14/2020 at 9:45 PM, dmway said:

    With a good chiropractic adjustment today, my back now feels completely normal again! 👍 


    I'd like to go to my chiropractor's too. Last time I went was beginning of last month (as you know, it's something I need very often). The virus has reached 10% of the town population. I can't leave home even for that.

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  8. 42 minutes ago, Manohlive said:

    I had a Covid scare yesterday.  I woke up very sick with a fever.  I called my doctor's office.  Within 30 minutes, my call was returned.  A little over an hour later, I was tested.  6 hours after that,. the test results came back as negative and were in my online medical chart I use.  I feel very fortunate that it was negative.  I also feel fortunate I was able to get such a quick response and even faster results.

    Anyhow, I'm sick but it's not Covid. My dog is being extra sweet.  She won't leave my side.  I'm not sure if it's to comfort me or if it's so she has an excuse to be extra naughty on the leash. (lots of baby bunnies this time of year by me)   I'll take it either way.  .Said bunnies are now seeking revenge by running all the way up the block(s) instead of dashing to the other side of the street when they see us coming. 

    I'm glad you don't have coronavirus.

    Something like that happened to me in April. It's scary.

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  9. On 2/22/2020 at 12:49 AM, dmway said:

    ...and I'm going to bump this because part 3 of our adventure is coming up soon, and I am hopeful that the next iOS update will fix the rotation problem so that reduced pictures from our past, present, and future can appear here looking as they should.

    Stay tuned...


    I'm sorry the pandemic got in our way!

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