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  1. 12 hours ago, dmway said:

    I don't think there is reason for any nervousness. Larry has been the most media-shy of the four for, really, their entire careers. When this was first announced, I knew that Larry would most likely participate the least. He's the least enamored of the four in doing anything with the media.

    Having said that, he will do his part. We'll just have to be patient. 🤷‍♂️


    Exactly. I think he's just being Larry.

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  2. 12 hours ago, dmway said:

    So, I wonder when the site will announce what will be occurring for our beloved guitarist's 59th birthday this Saturday. Surely it must be soon.

    I hope enough time has elapsed for the tech team to have cleaned up another show - having said that, if they haven't had the time/opportunity, that didn't prevent the Slane show going out as it did for Bono's birthday.

    In any case, I can't wait to see! 😎


    Me too!


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  3. 2 hours ago, dmway said:




    ...and now I can finally elaborate more as to why I felt truly blessed to be there - it would have been to difficult to write as we were watching the show.

    First, I felt blessed simply for being there during one of their most iconic shows, esp. pre-JT - it's right there with their US Festival, Red Rocks, and LiveAid shows as among their most significant. If you get a chance to see the full show (it exists in the expected places), it's worth it. For example, Bono singing along with The Police on "Invisible Sun" was one of the coolest moments of the show.

    I also felt blessed for how I was even able to get a ticket. The process for getting tickets for this show was done the old-fashioned way for in-demand shows: by mailing in your ticket request! The process was:

    1) you could only buy a block of 4 tickets - no single tickets, no pairs, no groups of 3. 4 tickets only.

    2) you also had to send in a check for the full payment in advance of the lottery. (If you won the lottery, you got 4 tickets which could have been anywhere in the stadium; if you lost, you were sent your check back.)

    So, to have gotten tickets at all for the show was a real stroke of luck. Strangely, I had an extra stroke of luck that I couldn't reasonably have expected.

    A friend of mine suggested getting tickets for the show. We were big U2 fans and we had other friends that were big U2 fans - so getting 4 people to go was no problem. We mailed in our request with the check and waited. However, sadly, we didn't win the lottery. That appeared to be that; we would just watch the show in TV like pretty much the rest of the planet.

    Then, a completely unexpected development happened. Someone else in our town also mailed in a request - he was fortunate enough to win! However, he had a problem - he didn't have three other people to go with him. He had two, but not anyone for the last ticket. This is now one of those moments where one feels like a certain event was destined to be. Now, this fellow and I went to the same high school, and he was a year behind me. To call each other "friends" would have been a massive exaggeration - we certainly knew one another, but we really were no more than acquaintances. He was a friend of my friends, without our being friends directly. Well, to make a long story short, somehow, someway he decided to ask me to go as the 4th member of his group! To say that this turn of events was unforeseeable would be a completely accurate statement. I could never have expected it.

    Well, he asked if I would like to go. My heart said "yes" immediately; however, I told him that I felt obligated to check with the three people that I was in a group with to see if it were ok with them if I went. Fortunately, they said "yes" and they were touched that I had thought to ask. Part of the reason I felt obligated to ask (in addition to politeness, that is) is that this guy was closer friends with one of the people in our group - they weren't close friends, but certainly closer than he and I were. But, they were good people too and were happy that I was going to be able to go. I had their blessing and off I went. Not only was it my first U2 show, it was my first time for The Police, Bryan Adams, Peter Gabriel, Lou Reed, Howard Jones, Jackson Browne, Miles Davis (!), Joni Mitchell, among many, many others (Pete Townshend solo was supposed to be there too, but he had to fly back home on short notice because his father was near passing).

    So, not only because this "A Conspiracy Of Hope" finale show just a great, great iconic show, but the circumstances behind my going were also beyond what could reasonably be expected to happen. Thank you, powers-that-be, for allowing me to go. It was a life-changing show.


    Very simple to explain what happened: You were meant to see that concert! Simple like that! And I'm very glad you were able to be there!

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  4. On 7/29/2020 at 3:40 AM, dmway said:

    Status update...

    There seems to be enough interest expressed both on-thread and off to suggest that this Saturday, August 1st, is a “go” for launch! 

    I suggest the following order for viewing:

    1) LiveAid songs

    2) “A Conspiracy Of Hope” show songs

    3) Milan Vertigo songs


    The first two (since they are both on the UF Deluxe edition DVD) we will do one after the other in relatively short order - if there is a consensus among the viewers at the time, we can have a small break between the two.

    We’ll have a somewhat longer break (i.e., 5 to 10 minutes) before beginning the Milan Vertigo songs. The three shows combined give us just about a full concert-length viewing experience.

    The starting time, of course, is the same as always. I’ll give a reminder of that time in large boldface (as is customary) soon.

    All are welcome - see you here and then! 😎


    Thank you for organising the view!

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  5. 16 hours ago, dmway said:

    OK, let's give this new thread a test drive...

    Since I am 99.99% sure that two weeks from yesterday the site will give us a new show to stream in honor of The Edge's 59th birthday (conveniently on a Saturday this year), do we have any interest in collectively viewing a show next Saturday (August 1) or, if that seems too soon, a week after The Edge's birthday, i.e., August 15th?

    You say, "...but we have seen all that we can see, right?" Well, no - we haven't. When we finished the "main sequence" of shows, we successfully viewed together not only one, but two DVDs beyond that. I knew that Rattle & Hum would work, but even I was surprised by how well the 1987 Paris show worked out - I was dubious whether enough people would have it in order to make it work, but work it did! 👍

    So, with the success of the '87 Paris show in mind, we could conceivably still see:

    1) the DVD included with The Unforgettable Fire deluxe set - this would provide us with their full "Live Aid" set and selections from the following year's "A Conspiracy Of Hope" tour finale in Giants Stadium, which also is a nice reminder of when I saw them live for the first time, FWIW (it also has a bootleg live version of "11 O'Clock Tick Tock", and even the sepia tone version of the "Pride" video, not to mention "The Unforgettable Fire Collection")

    2) the DVD with the selections from the Vertigo tour stop in Milan - this was included in the deluxe edition of "18 Singles" (we could even watch #1 and #2 on the same day since neither are full concert length individually)

    3) @Ilmajoki recommended the selections from the old "Interference" VHS tape on the original live thread. Everything from this old tape was/is on the first and third DVDs of the AB Super (and Uber) Deluxe edition of "Achtung Baby". Do enough of us have this set to make it worth watching? I'd lean towards opting for the 3rd DVD more than anything - there's a LOT of ZooTV-era magic on that one.

    I have one other idea for a collective viewing, but I would like everything else to be exhausted before suggesting it. The extra time would allow the idea to become more feasible too - take my word for it for now.

    So are any regular participants of the old thread (new people, of course, are welcome too) interested in a collective viewing next Saturday (August 1) or two weeks after that? If you could say how many of the DVDs listed above you have as well, that would help us in planning. Thanks in advance! 😎


    Count me in for either video people decide to watch.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, dmway said:

    Right - I have no problem with a new thread for today. That I get.

    However, after the stream leaves the site Monday night, this is the thread that would not have a reason to continue existing. I offered to make a table of contents for the original one, and that offer still stands. I hope we keep that one alive - a lot of love went into that thread, and it hasn't given all it can still give.

    Pretty please with sugar on it... 🙏


    I completely agree with that!

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  7. It's time for me to talk about my memories:😃

    In 1988, I was only 7 years old; that means I only started being a U2 fan much later. But one thing I can say for sure is that Rattle and Hum is where everything started. To be more specific, 2000 was the year.

    I was living with my sister, brother and cousin in Porto Alegre (the biggest city in Southern Brazil). We were all living there because we were studying at a Federal University, except for my cousin (who was taking a course to pass the “SAT” these Federal Universities require - which he, unfortunately, did not pass by the way. He had to go to a Private/Payed one). He was having a History Class on Saturday and that was about Ireland’s history. He invited me to go with him and I accepted the invitation. In the middle of the class, the teacher showed a part of the Rattle and Hum DVD: “Sunday Bloody Sunday”. When I heard the power of that song, especially Bono’s speech, I suddenly felt something in my heart that I could not explain (maybe I was Irish in a past life). U2 had me at “F the revolution”! 😆

    Always working a lot and studying, I did not have much time for music, but, some time later, when I had already graduated, my ex-husband (who was only my boyfriend at the time) suggested me to rent Rattle and Hum, which I did and, after that, I JUST WAS NOT THE SAME PERSON ANYMORE!

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  8. 55 minutes ago, Max Tsukino said:

    Did you contact your local post service? Here in Mexico for some packages you must go to your corresponding (and nearest) post office — Some packages you need to collect them there instead of receiving them at home. Does this apply in Brazil as well?

    Also... when you say "sent an e-mail to Live Nation"... does this mean the form in the CONTACT US section on the HELP page?

    Yes, I've already contacted the post office, but nothing. I received all my gifts until 2017. After that, they just did not come anymore. Same with other people in my country. I sent an e-mail to this contact: orderhelp@livenationmerchandise.com.

  9. 2 hours ago, jorgefilipe said:

    Arriving (not in South America)

    U2.com has released some of the best gifts of the fandom industry for the last decade. Every fan in the world goes crazy for every new item. For some, the US$ 50 bill is something cheap. For others it's a considerable amount of money, specially when a single dollar is 5 times more valuable than the money of the country you're living in. But it's all worthy. Or it would be... if our gifts were delivered. Today is June 23th 2020 and I still haven't received my 2019 gift. Many friends here in Brazil are in the same boat. Some of them are still waiting from gifts of 2018, 2017, 2016... What do we do? Why is this happening? It's an enormous shame that this is related to the biggest band in the world and the one who have always said that they are all about the fans. It's time for an answer.


    Jorge Takeda.

    Same here. I'm from Brazil and I haven't received the 2018 and 2019 gifts yet. It's a shame! I have already sent an e-mail to Live Nation, but I got no reply. For us, 50 dollars (the dollar is almost 6 reals) is equivalent to 1/3 of the minimun salary. We pay this much  and we receive this kind of treatment? Very disappointed!

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  10. 16 hours ago, dmway said:

    I did think about suggesting a shift in the starting time, either an hour later than usual (i.e., 5 pm, EDT in the US, w/ matching times worldwide), or two hours earlier than usual (i.e., 2 pm, EDT in the US, w/equivalent times worldwide) - do either of those times suit you better?

    Of course, this may cause problems for people in other time zones, but that’s why it’s good to put such ideas out there early - we can hash them out far in advance.

    So, everyone, what do we think, pro or con, about either option? Are either workable for the customary viewership here?


    I'm one hour ahead of NY time. So, that's fine with me.

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  11. On 6/9/2020 at 6:33 PM, dmway said:

    Agreed - I'm a long-standing veteran of U2.com gift deliveries, like yourself. I promise I'm not being overly optimistic about the speed. It gets here when it gets here.

    Having said that, I have been impressed with how quickly I have gotten orders recently in general, especially from Amazon. They have been almost lightning-quick, even though everything I order uses the free shipping option.

    The fact that the DVD is ready to ship already is pleasing in and of itself - U2.com even sent a separate e-mail today confirming that they have already arranged it. That's far better than most years, especially non-touring ones.


    I just have received a message from U2.com saying that the DVD has been shipped (to Brazil)! But the funniest and most curious thing about it is that I haven't received the 2018 and 2019 subscription gifts yet. 

    I guess maybe Bono himself will send me these ones. 😁😁

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  12. 17 hours ago, dmway said:

    A gentle reminder to those who like following these collective DVD showings...


    There is a tentative plan to watch the Paris JT tour show from 1987 this coming Saturday, June 13 at the normal viewing time. (If you don't have the DVD, it is viewable on a site that normally has such things - enough said.)

    If you are planning on being here for it, let us know here - thank you!

    Count me in!

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  13. 22 hours ago, dmway said:

    This is too good not to quote. 😄

    I hope today was a good catharsis for you the same way the original show was. Thank you again for writing your your original pre-DVD-showing review of your experience - it was very heartfelt and revelatory. (So much so, in fact, that you conjured up even more memories from 2001 for me - I wrote about some in my Elevation show review last week after we watched the Boston show, but I wasn't going to expand upon that post any further this week - last week was Boston and 2001; this week was about Paris and 2015. Since we still have another Elevation tour show left to watch together, I can save those rediscovered recollections for later.)

    I didn't have a pre-show post for this tour because this was the only tour I missed from 1986 onward. (The reasons why are explained in my "U2 and Mother's Day" post from 2017.) However, after watching this show again, I did remember something that I wanted to post here while the memories of this show are still fresh. I was still living in England when this tour occurred - so, the news reports about the 13th November, 2015 attack were all over the news. After all, the English Channel is only 21 miles (34 kilometers) wide at its narrowest point from France. (Of course, these senseless attacks would indeed end up crossing the Channel in the intervening years in Manchester and London.) Anyway, there was the most moving of stories that came out of France in the immediate aftermath. I was reminded of it when Bono spoke about "love over fear" before "Streets" got started during the show. I'm sure Bono and the rest of the band must have seen this news report too - I'm pretty sure the story went worldwide.

    It was the most potent rejection of the terrorists' desire to instill fear in the general public I had ever seen/read. If you have not seen this before - or if you have, but you just have forgotten about it - be forewarned. It will make you cry. Here is the story:



    I was so impressed that he was able to be so articulate when he was going through the most intense pain of his life. It was a truly inspiring open letter.

    I'm very glad that U2 come back so quickly after the tragic event too - they were needed and they went. I didn't see any shows from this tour in person, but this show got to British TV in record time - so, I did get to see this show not very long after it occurred. Therefore, it ended up being "my show" for this tour by proxy. It was an emotionally fraught time, and I'm glad our band was able to help in the healing.



    That story made me cry (I'm a very good cryer as you already know). Thank you for posting it. 

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