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  1. On 12/26/2019 at 4:00 PM, dmway said:

    Back on topic...

    My next show is tomorrow night, the excellent Philadelphia-based Led Zeppelin tribute band, “Get The Led Out”. They are phenomenal! 😎

    They go more for recreating the music exactly rather that going for the exact look of the band on-stage. Thus, there will be five guys playing at any given time, but all of the overdubs that Jimmy played on the albums are played live during the show 🎸.

    A great evening of music coming!


    It was really great! I hope to see them for at least one more time when I get to the USA again.

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  2. 11 hours ago, dmway said:

    I quoted the first post above to remind those who tuned in a while ago that I have been refining the days of our vacation over the past few weeks - so, it might be worth looking back to see if I added some images since the last time you tuned in.

    I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank @mich40 for giving me information in advance of the trip that helped make the vacation as eventful as it turned out to be. She provided three stories in particular that made our visit to Las Vegas, Death Valley, and the 2nd half of our LA stay more successful and enjoyable. I will pass those along now to everyone who wishes to have them in case they ever want to make a similar journey and/or just to have more background on some of the U2-related elements of each place.


    Las Vegas area where the ISHFWILF video was shot:



    The (former) location of the Joshua Tree:



    Where U2 shot the "Streets" video:



    Our images and descriptions of the first two are on the previous page; the "Streets" video site is above.

    I also have to thank @andryu2 for being the best traveling companion a person and fellow U2 fan could ever have. We were fortunate enough to spend Christmas and New Year's together as well in the Northeast US, and visit #3 is not too far into the future - stay tuned... 😎



    Thank you for having done all the planning for the trip (I only came with the idea). Thank you for driving all the way from LA to Las Vegas, then all the way from LV to Death Valley and then all the way from DV to LA.

    Special thanks to the most wonderful band in the world (Do I need to say which?). If it weren't for you, both of us would have never met.


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  3. 19 hours ago, ballardmama said:

    And just when I settled in for a long stretch of no touring, U2 does this. Will be heading from WA state to Korea! I LOVE the feeling that washes over when new tour dates are announced!!  

    Yep, me too. My eyes are full of tears! My heart is beating so strongly that I almost needed medicine today to slow it down. :)

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  4. It'so funny how Bolsonaro voters get offended so easily. It shows how this politician has spread hate among Brazilian people. Just remember that Bolsonaro was part of PP, the most corrupted party in Brazil, for many years. 

    Bolsonaro will never represent us. Brazilian people is better than him. We are better than him!

    Thanks U2 for the speech.


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  5. I don't have words to express my gratitude for Bono's speech in Belfast. It shows how much U2 is concerned about Brazil and the world. Unfortunately, Bolsonaro turned out to be the president.

    However, people like me will always resist! We'll always fight against intolerance and racism. 




    There is something really wrong happening in Brazil right now. People are going to elect a fascist that's even worse than Trump. Please, do something! Brazilian people have gone blind! 
    We beg for your help. We are running out of time. The elections will occur on Oct, 28th.

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