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  1. Hi James, if you're going to the concert as well on Nov. 3, I'll definitely go with you! I sent you a PM so we can make arrangements. Thanks!
  2. Hi James, I may be interestedin your Nov. 3 London GA. Are you going to the show as well? Would I be able to line up with you?
  3. Sorry, I just saw this! Yes, I'm still interested in GA. I'm in NTHM1 Row L Seat 84. PM me!
  4. I could only get seated tickets for Belfast 1 but would much prefer GA. Same with Dublin 1. Flying in from Seattle for these shows! Please help make my dreams come true!
  5. I have a seats for Belfast 1 and Dublin 1 which I could swap for GAs plus the price difference for the same shows. I'm also willing to buy. Thanks!
  6. Hi! My husband and I are flying to the UK to see the last two London shows and both Glasgow. We started our U2 adventure with one show on 360 and now we're hooked. This is the first time we've actually flown overseas for the band! The flights are booked but we need two GAs! If you book it, they will come?? Please reply or message me!
  7. Me too, and I need two as well! Oh dear. Let's hope the U2 gods favor us!
  8. I am! Coming in from the US to see shows 5 & 6. But I still need a GA ticket for Nov. 3!!
  9. FINALLY got through after yelling many, many curse words that no mother of 5 should ever say. This mama bear is MAD!!! And then they want me to take a "customer satisfaction" survey! What a joke.
  10. Same dream ... Same Place .... GO 509ers!!! See you at the concert on the wet side.
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