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  1. Thank you Sue for remembering my birthday and the roses are beautiful...I can almost smell them. Rooftop to the basement Love to U2 Sue XXX
  2. This was an awful tradgedy that should have never happened. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and to all affected by this tragedy. I send prayers of healing and comfort to them all.
  3. Ground Beneath Her Feet - U2 Gliding Like a Whale - Peter Murphy
  4. [quote name='U2LAWoman wrote: 123love']Love is kind, Let no man put apart Love is long~suffering Let no man put apart Love is eternal Let no man put apart Love is a bond Let no man put apart Love is a man and a woman Let no man put apart Love is ecstacy Let no man put apart Love is a binding Let no man put apart love is a knot never broken Let no man put apart Love is a gift Let no man put apart love is unity Let no man put apart Love is friendship Let no man put apart Love is the laws fulfillment Let no man put apart Love is free from God
  5. bored or not Love...I like it
  6. beaudtiful song by Peter Murphy that brings back good memories
  7. Thank you Love for your post and I hope that things are getting better. I know I can relate and there is always hope and faith and The Lord to depend on. My prayers are with you! xxoo
  8. I would be that percentage that doesn't doctor myself up to go out in public. I quit using makeup over 10 years ago. I wash my hair and let it air dry and go. For me it is not a glamour party...it's about being myself and being comfortable in my skin and knowing that God loves me for who I am. God created me without all of these things that others feel they can't leave the house unless they have make-up on or their hair perfect and immaculate after spending an hour or two on it. Clothing I am pretty modest I would say. I think the tightest shirt I have would be my baby doll 360 Future Ne
  9. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car - U2
  10. Thank you Kris for doing this I have been thinking about the zoo x-mas cards for over a week and was wondering when your post would come. Sending you the info in a PM...thanks again
  11. I thank everyone here...especially you Spicy, who have brought love into my life and a caring that is very sincere. I am honest, but I keep to myself and always have. I am thankful for everyone reaching out to me and showing such concern for me. It truly means alot. Suee you remembered me on my birthday and sent me a card...the only other card I received was from my parents...you made me feel like I matter. U2, I thank everyone of you for making known to me who I truly am and that I mean more to this world than I ever thought possible. I thank all the Moderators, especially Max and Big W
  12. Larry you look great for turning the big 5-0. I hope life has been treating you well and I look forward to your movie coming out. I wish you the best...many hugs to you
  13. when I need you, I just close my eyes and I see you & when all I want is you
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