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  1. FYI - I re-ordered from AMAZON, after Live Nation (U2.com) failed to deliver. I paid the extra $7.00 USD above Prime.....I got it less than 24 hours after ordering. Amazon can deliver the album faster than Live Nation can respond to an email about your (paid for) missing merchandise. Just saying..... Live Nation.....may Edge have mercy on your souls!
  2. HA! I did "Express"! Still waiting. See my post for what they told me.
  3. I ordered the "Songs of Experience Extra Deluxe Boxset" on November 14th!!! When asked about my missing order I received this response: Hello, Thank you for choosing Live Nation Merchandise. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay as your merchandise seems to been misplaced in shipment. We can refund your order or refund you at this time. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Tabitha C Wow! Just......Wow.
  4. I have 1 extra GA ticket for the Toronto show. Asking face value. Must meet before doors open.
  5. I was extremely disapointed with website this morning. It reported no GA available after a very short time (1 minute?). Out of shear desperation I downloaded, installed, opened and successfully bought GA tickets while the desktop still said "3 minutes remaining" (which I waited over 5 minutes before even trying the App). In short, I was on the page at 10:00:00 am with no luck, and managed to get a GA tickets through the APP at 10:13 AM. I'll know next time.....
  6. But which show has the greater demand? ;-) Again, I'm TRYING for both nights, but who knows what will happen. I want the strategy that gives me the greatest chance of attending both nights.....
  7. I am planning to participate in the presale this morning at 10am. I am hoping to go to both nights, but wonder which night I should use my presale for and which night I should try for with general public on Monday? I am thinking Night 1 is more popular and should use my presale for that, and try for night 2 with the general public on monday. Any thoughts on which show is the "harder ticket"?
  8. I agree. As a Propaganda subscriber I greatly appreciated the tiered approach, where longtime fans got first crack at tickets. I'm in the same group as a scalper that joined last year?
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