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  1. I have 1 extra GA ticket for the Toronto show. Asking face value. Must meet before doors open.
  2. I was extremely disapointed with website this morning. It reported no GA available after a very short time (1 minute?). Out of shear desperation I downloaded, installed, opened and successfully bought GA tickets while the desktop still said "3 minutes remaining" (which I waited over 5 minutes before even trying the App). In short, I was on the page at 10:00:00 am with no luck, and managed to get a GA tickets through the APP at 10:13 AM. I'll know next time.....
  3. But which show has the greater demand? ;-) Again, I'm TRYING for both nights, but who knows what will happen. I want the strategy that gives me the greatest chance of attending both nights.....
  4. I am planning to participate in the presale this morning at 10am. I am hoping to go to both nights, but wonder which night I should use my presale for and which night I should try for with general public on Monday? I am thinking Night 1 is more popular and should use my presale for that, and try for night 2 with the general public on monday. Any thoughts on which show is the "harder ticket"?
  5. I agree. As a Propaganda subscriber I greatly appreciated the tiered approach, where longtime fans got first crack at tickets. I'm in the same group as a scalper that joined last year?
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