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    Musica(music), FIlosofia(philosophy), Psicologia(psychology), Pessoas(People)
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    I don't know. isn't a fair question

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  1. Happy New Year! May it be a year of reunions!

    1. andryu2


      Happy new year!

  2. Bye everybody! Time to go to bed in Brazil. See you
  3. Febottini is our resident Wonder Woman of all news U2. She gives of her time & efforts to find interesting articles & info about U2 from other websites on the internet & bring them to us at U2.com. She happens to live in Brazil. Very nice! Thank you for de second Alma. Your're very kind! I'm exploring zootopia, should have done this before. There a lot of things happening around here
  4. lol no and no. i'm just a guy. who is febottini? Thank you for my first meaningless uparrow
  5. Hello hello, i'm from Brasilia, Brazil. One more for the U2nation! Whoah. Now it's ON. Anything that brings someone new online that we haven't seen b4 is something worth chatting about! Hello hello to Igor whoever & wherever u are.
  6. Will be Something about Rattle and Hum.
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