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  1. Same BS with San Jose; no innocence tickets at all; code validated but nothing available unless you are experience. Sad to see all of the tickets go in front of your eyes, and certainly no GA's available.
  2. From the overhead pics I saw it seems both Mumford and U2 set up in the center stage well away from the RZ. Did anyone go and have commentary? What are the best spots within that zone?
  3. Some folks claim to have gotten RZ tickets for $70!! WTF?
  4. So, were RZ tickets available for $70? It still shows those on TM in the drop down menus. Would people who bought $70 RZ tickets have the same entry as VIP RZ? What are the differences? I don't remember this ever being offered if it is true.
  5. My friend just signed up for innocence and has yet to receive a login/email. Will that happen before 12 PST? Finally got the login info...sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. my friend just signed up new and has not received a login/code...
  7. Code just appeared on tour page for me...
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