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  1. Cool! So cute! Love the T-shirt! Having nibbles at Blue Moon at Fours pub before we head in. Anyone seen the boys coming in yet?
  2. So honored to be there last night. So much love. Was that Edge's wife as the American cowgirl doing rodeo moves in the video?
  3. Are you a personal friend of the band? If they happen to do one . . . .certainly you would invite me with you!
  4. Any updates yet about GA?? I'm going to the 14th show and wondering how early I should get in line. I saw them in Philly for 360 and got a wrist band the night before and a #. Came back the next morning around 5:00 a.m. and waited in line for 12 hours!! Was in second row on the floor for the show. I don't want to get that crazy this time but still want a decent spot on the floor. Any suggestions? Does anyone know if wristbands and #'s are being given out? Any suggestions. Thanks!
  5. I'm praying all goes well for my entry on the 14th as well. I've had a nightmare with the credit card that I purchased the tickets for the 14th with. I was randomly reissued a new credit card with a different number and I had to jump through a 1,000 hoops to get it straightened out so I could use the correct card at entry. I called TM yesterday and they said it's all straigtened out, but I'm still nervous. I haven't received any email reminders yet . . .Oh no! something else to be concerned about. I also really want to know about the GA process for the Garden and haven't recieved anything about it either.
  6. I guess you never know . . .I was dreaming the same thing, to see them at the Paradise, now that would be something!! What radio stations should we keep an ear out for any announcement? How did people find out about the Somerville show? I'm thinking maybe WERS, any others?
  7. Has anyone heard anything about the band doing another "secret" pre-concert performance in the Boston area like the one they did at the Somerville Theatre in 2009? Any tips or leads about this would be much appreciated!!! Thanks so much!!
  8. I meant to say I'd LOVE to go to the FRIDAY show - those are the tickets you have, right?
  9. How much are you selling them for? I'm going to the Tues show (GA) but would love to go to Mon also if the price is right. I got my GA through presale at a good price. Thanks.
  10. Thanks to the wonderful people at U2.com and the 2nd presale, I'm going to be in GA in Boston on Tueday, July 14th!!! :D :D Giddy as all hell! I didn't think I could beat the GA spot I had on the last tour in Philly. I flew from Boston to Philly and waited in line for 12 hours for that spot!!! Wooohoooooooooo :P Good luck to all those who are trying ---let me know if you'll be in GA too :wub:
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