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  1. I got an email from "ticketmaster" with the subject "Important : Your U2 Ticket order" , asking to click a button to REDEEM NOW ( asks for address for shipping as well ) Makes me a little nervous - Would be nice if an official news item or email was sent out to confirm the legitimacy. Also unclear whether the email should originate from ticketmaster, livenation or evenko ( from whom i got my MTL tickets from ) .
  2. I got MTL GAs - and the only option was via mail. Doesn't Hard tickets defeat the whole purpose of preventing scalping ? agreed , i preferred cc entry too ..
  3. Agree with above comment - it might actually have been faster, being on a non-ticketmaster site. In and out under 5 min. Got 2 GAs == 188 Cdn. Good luck to everyone . Hope this beat-the-bots experiment is considered a success.
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