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  1. I tried to buy Red Zone for Dublin - at 9.00 am this morning - tried it up until 10.30 - has ANYONE managed to get RED ZONE tickets? I am wondering if they actually went on sale for Croke Park??
  2. Given up. Transpires if you were logged into your Ticketmaster account (which you would be right?) - it doesn't show any of the tickets....so by the time I figured that out all the decent seats had gone to re-sellers. I am not paying 2 or 3 times face value - so I have given up. I wish they had been more specific with the pre-sale email - and advised again sitting in Ticketmaster waiting for the pre-sale clock to tick down to pre-sale time - only to discover you cant actually BUY it through the Ticketmaster site unless you have entered anonymously via the U2 page - and not logged in prior....... I really wanted to take my Wife and Son to the Red Zone and this was the only show we could go to.......devastated!
  3. You can TRY to buy them - but then it just says "no tickets available" - in ALL areas?? tix still available as of 9.57 Am Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 09.56.54.png Not here they aren't!!! (Cant upload my screenshot)
  4. You can TRY to buy them - but then it just says "no tickets available" - in ALL areas??
  5. Its a JOKE - a total joke. I have been on line since 8;55 - no Croke park Dublin, tickets available to me with ,my special "pre-sale" code - but seats appearing already allover Seatwave and other re-seelign sites. What IS the point of this subscription that I pay year on year??
  6. Is ANYTHING available at Dublin?? What the point of the pre-sale if it doesn't work??
  7. I cant see ANY tickets available at Crome Park Dublin ?/ Whats going on - I have the code - but nowhere to enter it or even see any tickets?? (I want Red Zone?) - anyone else been able to buy ??
  8. Guys, Any ideas on this - trying to plan a vacation around the tour dates - anyone know when the dates will be released?? Thanks!
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