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  1. 2% of our reserve money went to rockefellers but Now all this reserve goes to whom whatisrael says and china it owes them what always made in china b.s.and what about those f's what they do for us. notta.if we did really have a national debt all money reserve would be used, THERE'd be NO reserve, no spending would be allowed literally if they say spending that makes no sense whatsoever.
  2. illuminati killed Whitney Houston out of the spotlight just like they dint Michael freakin Jackson and bleaced him he should have sued. ABOLISHMENT ABOLISHment of the minati no more.
  3. U2 U2 U2 second time I see band could have seen Aerosmith second time I didnt a week later in South Dakota the lead singer fell off the stage. Gonna See U2 again
  4. I donated to ten charities .......... in 2010 wow. Inspired by U2's love, Michael Jackson King of Pop twice inducted in All U2 again? It's Not just a committee to this one band if someone is inducted twice thats not just someone's opinion or vote these guys are professional.
  5. scarlet cat, or attack cat, eric singer, tommy thayer space robot. I Love How U2 is about The Music!!!!
  6. spiderman I is being rebooted with a reboot. Spiderman I great Spiderman II awesome Spiderman III pretty good where's Spiderman IV and V and XI later? I dont want a different storyline for a new spiderman I that there already a spiderman I movie Im talking about and their is only one Spiderman Peter Parker. Superman was Clark Kent. Scarlet Spider but not spiderman. Just like one Catman Peter Criss. One Bono Hewsonn, one Edge Evans.
  7. Im Domino lol No! Im The Decorator. Not the common denominater. The Flamingo Domingo lol... Dominic says Hi to all U2 fans.
  8. Bono Paul Hewsonn, The Edge David Evans, Larry Mullen jr Bullen, Adam Clayton Claymation I mean Bono He got that name from a hearing aid shop right it's part of U2 history right? I think alot of fans know that one. The other two I named They deserve something right Larry Mullen jr not looked at an ad put posted the U2 ad. Same with Joey Kramer of Aerosmith which everyone knows.
  9. If the show is awesome could U2 write a couple songs of their experience rocking Denver, Colorado.
  10. I hope U2 in May is All Music and while I desire a good good show, I hope no sirens or anything flying over.
  11. So I donated 100 dollars to save the children 20 to Africa 20 to a poor place in Asia 20 to Haiti for the Earthquake first month of 2010 chile not the miners glad they're safe 20 to this savethechildren. adopted a giant panda most usually friendly. and to Pancreatic cancer research 150 U2 Two Hearts Beat as One, Refugee, New Years Day howls...like an irishwolf hound.
  12. Cool!? c'mon just get to work mix it or master it and just say okay.
  13. Please. U2 beanie I have an Aerosmith one.
  14. Michael Jackson was History Rip Michael wanted to make the world a better place. If Bono is history does that mean he might die?
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