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  1. The little boy on the pope´s chair looks so sweet! I also love those lines from All Because Of You. Bono certainly thought of his father when writing this song. At the same time it doubtlessly refers to God and our belief that He has given us our existence. For me the lines "I´m not broke but you can see the cracks/You can make me perfect again" are moving. Our faith in the healing power of a merciful God helps us to overcome all kinds of troubles.
  2. It´s great that Tom Freston found a new and interesting challenge by supporting the poor together with Bono. Glad to see you back, Febottini. Keep on writing here!
  3. Thanks for posting these great news, Malahide! Congratulations, Adam and Mariana!
  4. Very beautifully written, Alma! Yes, it´s nice that Febottini posts so much information about U2´s activities here.This Abba song is great and the video shows some impressive images. All those who fight for human rights truly deserve our appreciation.
  5. Nice pictures, Anjana! Yes, today our U2 scientist and Zen Presbyterian celebrates his special day. Happy birthday, Edge! Hope to hear some great new music soon.
  6. Thank you so much for your nice message! I´m so glad and relieved that you are fine.
  7. Happy birthday, Bono and Jordan. Have much joy and a great celebration on this beautiful day!
  8. Happy birthday, Bono! Over the years, your music brought me much joy and it continues to be an inspiration for all of us. I wish you much luck, health and energy for this year and many beautiful hours with your family and friends. Can´t wait to hear some great new U2 songs. Enjoy this very special day!
  9. For me the live version of Kite is also one of the best b-sides. I agree that Edge´s solo is amazing and in every note there is so much intensity and deep emotion. That song is so sad and beautiful at the same time.
  10. That´s great! I never knew the meaning of that name. Thanks for posting that information, Jim.
  11. Some days are sunny, other days are cool Some days are funny, other days are stressful Some days I´m well Some days I can´t stand myself Some days are tough, on other days I just laugh
  12. Sometimes I enjoy Coldplay and I also have an album from One Republic (they even played before U2 entered the stage in Vienna). When I´m really tired and when I yearn for a few holidays I sometimes listen to an Italian singer called Eros Ramazzotti. Those songs let me relax by the sea in my imagination. When driving long ways I accept a lot of bad music on the radio. It´s even fun to hear that horrible refrain "I wanna laaaaayy down on a bed of roses" from Bon Jovi (I think in the 80s their stuff was better). "White Wedding" from Billy Idol is also great entertainment (I would rather c
  13. I understand that you sometimes need to share addresses. You once promised to tell me the address of a Russian Zootop. Of course I need to know where I must send the labcoat after signing it. The most important thing is that our project works well. Can´t wait to receive that beautiful coat!
  14. Yes, U2 created some amazing b-sides. I particularly enjoy listening to: Spanish Eyes Luminous Times (Hold On To Love) Lady With The Spinning Head Walk To The Water Salomé Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk
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