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  1. Pick-up is will-call at ticket box only on the day of the concert according to the information we have so far (will be interesting to see how long the queue is if all non-Korean nationals have to do will-call). I am going with the light jacket option which can be stuffed into my belt bag during the concert. Counting the days now, flying from Copenhagen in less than two weeks!
  2. Hi Westy, It is correct it is a new pub in Town, and I have only been to one of their other branches. The Old Irish Pub where the U2 afterparty is taking place is located at Vesterbrogade 2 very much city centre. To make it completely understandable for everyone their Facebook event is in Danish, but basically there is an afterparty both Saturday and Sunday with two bands playing (December and Mount Temple).
  3. Dear Heather, So sorry to hear, but glad to see you are keeping up the good spirit. I am sure it will help get you though the current health issues, and ensure you get back to the better days soon - and more than ever ready to rock at another U2 concert. Hope to see you somewhere around the world for another U2 concert! Even though it is cold, your husband will have some pretty days in Copenhagen as the weather should be good. Tons of positive thoughts.
  4. I have sent you a PM ?

  5. Hi Heather, Sorry to hear with the lack of mobility, but hopefully you will still be able to have a few great Copenhagen experiences (apart from U2 of course!). Will start with the 'bad' news. The giants are in forest areas just outside Copenhagen, but they are far apart and not easily accessible by car. The concept is that the Giants are hidden and you go on a treasure hunt to find them. For a boat tour, I would recommend to go to Nyhavn and take the Grand Tour with Canal Tours Copenhagen (Stromma) https://www.stromma.dk/kobenhavn/sightseeing/sightseeing-med-bad/grand-tour/ If
  6. Just spotted a similar post in the Amsterdam group, and very much like the idea. If you are traveling from out of town and need any advice or recommendations regarding the venue or Copenhagen in general, just let me know. Hope you have some great days in Copenhagen with some for sure fantastic U2 concerts
  7. Hi Gogme United, Thanks for this, great idea - will immediately extend this service to anyone going to Copenhagen :-) Have been to Amsterdam a number of times but never Ziggo Dome. Unless it is raining cats and dogs I suppose bikes would be a good option going to and from the Arena? (being from Denmark we are used to biking)
  8. One thing could be that there are no seats in Royal Arena behind the main stage. This might give them an opportunity to push the stage a bit further back compared to other venues where you have seats behind the stage as well. Have been to a number of concerts at Royal Arena and to me it seems like a very standard Arena setup, but have of course not seen a stage setup similar to I&E/E&I (until today I have not thought of the no seats behind the stage). I do not think it will make it more crowded, as the 'locals' who are there for one night will be fine with hanging out at the
  9. Wrapping it up as you just seem to want to start a debate, which I have no interest in participating in. I started off with writing in my very first post that i might be born under a lucky star, but at the same time I happily pay my 40$ every year as the Experience Group helps me get some of the tickets I really want... the rest is a gamble, and trust me I do not always get my first priority location or day. One fact is though you have to make it into Ticketmaster in first wave if not, you will not get tickets...In Denmark Ticketmaster let in 8000 people in one go, there is not even
  10. I have plenty of sense - thank you for the concern though, but yes I have a large U2 budget in touring year as it is a priority to me. I would not pay that price for seated tickets, but it does not change the fact that it is the going rate these days, does not matter if it is U2, Muse, Justin Timberlake or whoever you want to see, you cannot blame it on the stage set-up. It was clear from the beginning that a lot of fan club members would be disappointed and not get the tickets they dreamed of. Especially the Innocence Group where a number of people signed-up when the tour was announ
  11. I have to disagree completely. I might be 'born under a lucky star', but the two Experience pre-sale codes we had, gave us the ticket we wanted for Vegas and LA, at a more than fair price compared to most other GA tickets i purchased in the last couple of years. I looked at the seated prices and did not find them outrageous either compared to other artists. I go to see my absolute favorite band in the world, but from my perspective the LED screen gave an extra dimension to the i+E tour, and even though I disagree with you comment on expensive prices I have to say I would be willing t
  12. You have pretty good seats close to the main stage - this is from the Kygo concert next month, but the seating chart/numbers are the same from concert to concert
  13. Congrats on the tickets! Managed to get my own, very important to get 'home' concert tickets :-) You will enjoy the Arena, transport to/from is so easy with the Metro. Live in Copenhagen and just pm me and I can easily help with recommendations to food, what to see and so on based on your preferences.
  14. Just saw Madrid 18th September on U2Valencia FB page (Well that was what I got through Google Translate)... also hoping for more news on Europe dates soon though ?
  15. Thanks for the response mtnfox. Did not manage to get for LA1, hope I will receive a new e-mail before they open tomorrow, if not I will just have to try my luck in the sale for everyone starting at noon....
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