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  1. this afternoon it thunderstormed, tonight it's pretty cool out. Hope it's not so bad in the morning when i go home
  2. nice to meet u guys I've been alright, keeping busy at work to the point where i've been drained half the time.Sucks, really......
  3. I haven't been in here in ages (i've lurked once in a blue moon), I wanted to say hey to everyone For everyone who doesn't know me, my name's Theresa. everyone who known me here within the past 5 years or so called me Mac or U2Mac for short. I'm hoping to be on here more often now being that they re-set my post number from being over 5000/atomic bomb back down to 0 and to Numb
  4. I'm sending u my best wishes, Bono. Get well soon, i hope ur back healsnicely!!!!
  5. this is me, it was taken October 23rd, 2009 in Las Vegas after the show
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