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  1. I just called Sportshub and confirmed that it is a 1 time use code. I got 2 tix for the first show and then tried to use the code again to get another 2 tix for someone else but couldn't get in. I called Sportshub and the rep said it is one time use only....so no additional pre-sale opportunities even if you didn't purchase all 4 tix allotted.
  2. brilliant idea to have timers on how long tickets are held...unless of course your server response times are so bad, it takes longer than the tickets can be held. i'm curious how many fan club members there are. are there really so many to take down ticketmaster servers??? maybe there servers will explode and take out the people responsible for this mess once general sales open up...
  3. next it's going to let you buy them...except the timer to hold the tickets will keep running. and then the timer will run out before the system has processed that you want to buy them so you're back to square one! then, when you finally luck out after five times, it'll move you to the next page where you have one minute to decide whether you want to add on album purchases or red donations...and then the timer will run out there before the system recognizes you clicked continue almost immediately. ticketmaster sucks and they've no reason to care since there's no competition.
  4. you're not missing much. i've been trying to buy tix but server response is so poor that i don't have enough time to complete the transaction. by the time i'm allowed to click on the buy button there's less than a minute left to buy them. by the time the system recognizes i've clicked buy, it's past time and they've been released. rinse, repeat.
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