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  1. Thank You everyone for voting for me I had fun playing the profile game. I received my gift the other day. I chose the Bono mouse pad and I love it.
  2. I been watching it on tv too. very terrible. My thoughts and prayers go out to Japan.
  3. but at least you can still read the names. I know i can read it. See X I knew you can do it
  4. Who has dancing The Edge on their profiles. Does anyone have dancing Bono, Larry and Adams? Where did you get them ? How can I get them? Please help! Need dancing Bono by the 28th for the profile contest . can anyone help? WANTED BY D (PLEASE)
  5. A: dereski B: Profile URL: http://media.community.u2.com/dereski C: 2
  6. 2 great teams playing ,hard to tell which way it will go . but i wished it was the BEARS!
  7. where are they taking donations at? and I will keep Autralians in my prayers too. It is so terrible to see something like this happen its so heart breaking. Hang in there Australia! Keep safe! I'm praying for you all!
  8. Bono We hope your back is getting better. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Lisa
  9. Bono hope your back is getting better. your in our prayers and thoughts. Lisa
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