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  1. I went to the Pittsburgh show and the person just took my card and scanned it. I had the ID out and ready to go, but no one asked for it. Not that FedEx staff will be the same. I had a friend in the same boat as you and she let her friend take her card and ID and those people got in fine. I don't think they were asked for an ID either. It might just depend on who you get.
  2. Hi everyone. A friend can't make the Pittsburgh show now, so I have one GA available. Whoever gets it would have to enter with me, but I'm hoping to round the group up to arrive fairly early. As long as you meet me by the time we go in you should be fine. PM me if interested. Looking forward to an excellent show! Julie
  3. Hi everyone. Looks like I have 1 GA available. PM me if you are interested. Looking forward to a great show!
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