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    all of em.
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    all of em.
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    War tour manhattan.
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    all that you cant leave behind tour
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    MSG after 9-11.
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    Beatles,springsteen, zep, pre-2000's music.

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  1. I didn't renew after Mr.Mullen told the pissed off fans to "F-off" after a big ticket mix up a few tours back. I was an original "propaganda" member and didn't think I should be punished cause idiots were joining just to score tickets for re-sale! Oh well, Life goes on.
  2. I saw "unforgettable fire" at a tiny bar about 10 years ago! They were great; way better than that nasty Jaegermeister!
  3. when's Bono coming to the NYC to use his manhattan condo?
  4. Nassau veterans memorial coliseum 1987. Great show! I was 16 with lots of black hair and a red hot red headed Irish girl friend!
  5. I live in NYC and had no idea...its a big city. When they were riding around on the flat bed truck a few years back, my friend Miyako called and said, " mike I'm shopping in union square and I think U2 is singing on a truck!" I was like, " Your full of beans, their last album didnt do that bad!" They also played a K-mart for the pop tour and under the Brooklyn bridge.
  6. What blows more? Not getting shows scheduled in your city ? or ga's going for $300 plus?
  7. " Oh the deeper I spin- This hunter will sin for your ivory skin."
  8. " I dont' believe the devil, dont believe his book. But the truth is not the same without the lies he made up.
  9. I hope that all of you are happy, healthy and well all over. I took mom home from the hospital and while we were walking an asian man came out of nowhere yelling on his cell-phone scaring the crap out of me! My 83 year old mother started laughing when I jumped and yelled " WTF-I THOUGHT IT WAS A SHOW GUN-KAMIKAZE" coming to kill us! I jumped out of my skin! I got to be security escort for Ray Liotta and Robert Deniro at a showing of "goodfellas" in manhattan. They actually looked more mobbed up older than when they did the movie!!! And my Mets didnt get swept by the Yankees this week! God bles you all.
  10. I saw a chubby squirrel , that was once malnourished; running around all hungry for some more of my peanuts! I guess its the Italian in me that cant see anything not eat!
  11. Back in those days my mom was kicking my ass for taking the train to see the Ramones-Blondie etc at CBGB's. U2 would have given anything to be at those shows and to get a peck on the cheek from Debbie Harry and a ride on the #7 train with the Ramones. I was a lucky kid growing up in NYC in the 1970's and 80's. Every ass whuppin was worth it!
  12. You get so spoiled being a U2 fan for so many years and albums and incredible tours that I cant help to believe year after year that U2 will improve and that they will write the best song ever written. I think "song for someone" is one of the best songs ever written and the incredible thing is that you hear more of the record and the songs get better. You cannot say that about any other band in the world 30 years ago or now like you can with U2. All of you sound incredible and bring a different spirit to the song.
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