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    all of em.
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    War tour manhattan.
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    all that you cant leave behind tour
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    MSG after 9-11.
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  1. I didn't renew after Mr.Mullen told the pissed off fans to "F-off" after a big ticket mix up a few tours back. I was an original "propaganda" member and didn't think I should be punished cause idiots were joining just to score tickets for re-sale! Oh well, Life goes on.
  2. I saw "unforgettable fire" at a tiny bar about 10 years ago! They were great; way better than that nasty Jaegermeister!
  3. when's Bono coming to the NYC to use his manhattan condo?
  4. Nassau veterans memorial coliseum 1987. Great show! I was 16 with lots of black hair and a red hot red headed Irish girl friend!
  5. "POP", Is the greatest commercial pop album that never got exploited by the corporate-stupid radio establishment in America! They play Katy Perry all day long but when they were faced with a genius pop album (begining to end) they completely balked! This record should be a mainstay on the radio -but what we get is late night radio playing a song here and there from "songs of "innocense" and classic rock playing old U-2 (which I love.) Radio just missed the boat on this one.
  6. Friends are temporary in most cases ; U2 are forever...just go to the show!
  7. It's amazing how different both bands are and how Blues based Mr.Page is compared with the european influenced Mr. Edge. BUT... both bands are about songs that sound dynamic and putting out whole-consistent albums over a long career. I would say Zep has influenced bands like the Beatles influenced everybody with sergeant pepper's, and all the best artists influence everybody.
  8. God bless you Bono and God bless the Brave "fighting irish " of engine -44 fire department NewYork for delivering you back to us. May God have mercy on the souls we lost from engine-44 at the world trade center 9/11. R.I.P.
  9. Ms. O'connor is a musical genius. She can sing anything from any genre. It would be wonderful if she could show up on the tour and give every zootopian there money's worth. This song list would make the set excellent.
  10. Its a shame we lose so much architecture and the memories are all we're left with. The area where my Dad last worked is being leveled and the ball park where I grew up going with my brother is gone. The only constant is change I guess.
  11. I live in NYC and had no idea...its a big city. When they were riding around on the flat bed truck a few years back, my friend Miyako called and said, " mike I'm shopping in union square and I think U2 is singing on a truck!" I was like, " Your full of beans, their last album didnt do that bad!" They also played a K-mart for the pop tour and under the Brooklyn bridge.
  12. What blows more? Not getting shows scheduled in your city ? or ga's going for $300 plus?
  13. NewYork Daily news had photos of Bono and JimmyFallon shooting shooting a sketch where Bono is riding a bike and gets hit by a van! There was also Robert Deniro spreading sun block on a bikini clad Aubrey Plaza for a movie where he plays an old per!! And I got to meet the band "Spandau Ballet" this week and they were great and their fans and management were hospitable and very cool. If you get a chance...watch Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black re-do the song "more than words" on you tube ...its great. God Bless
  14. biglab

    U2 books

    My all time favorite is " the unforgettable fire", an unauthorized biography, " until the end of the world" has a genius, revealing chapter on Bono's late father Mr. Bob Hewson. 'U2 BY U2" is great and the michka assayas "conversations with Bono" Is great. Happy Reading.
  15. Its as close to audio heaven as we'll ever hear on this heart broken earth. Until the good Lord gets back I'm listening to his favorite band !! { and no ..its not Katy Perry... she has a deal with the Devil thats quite lucrative and is polluting the airwaves!! ha-haaaa.
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