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    Too hard as all too different.
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    Live....Where the streets have no name. Vinyl....Bad (live from wide awake in America EP).
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    Wembley Stadium Joshua Tree. I was 17
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    360 Hannover and Cardiff
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    360 Hannover
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    The Struts, Misc classical, John Denver, Big Country.....yes eclectic.

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  1. Does nobody know the answer to this.....I’m not even bothered about face value...seems a shame to waste my tix....
  2. Hello. I have noticed the ticket exchange forum is set up so I requested to join that. This is a general question I hope that can be answered. I have 2 red zone tickets to Singapore and due to some grotty circumstances which I am not even thinking of, I can’t go to Singapore now. As they are for the red zone, they are collection on the day and intended to be non-transferable. I’m wondering if there is a feasible way that they can be sold if somebody wants to buy them. I remember having been in red zone previously and there were two lovely ladies (I think one is called Emma?) . They manned the red zone and I think generally followed U2 about looking after the red zone (what a wonderful job). Does anyone know if there is a contact email or something for them. I was hoping that if I was able to sell the tickets to a fan via the forum, I could send the documentation on email to the buyer along with sending a correspondence to the red zone managers stating that this was an honest fan to fan transfer of the ticket and giving authorisation for the new buyer to collect it or something along those lines. Has anyone had experience of this? When I had someone else’s tickets for red zone they were there with me on the day to authorise that I collect it but obviously I won’t be in Singapore hence the question. I’m not interested whatsoever in making a profit of course which is obviously not allowed anyway and I’m quite prepared to sell the ticket at a reduction rather than lose the money. Obviously if it comes to that then fair enough but I thought I would ask in advance. I would be grateful for any input. Thank you very much.
  3.  The voice Kids .....

    Just watched the voice kids in the UK. NOT what I would normally choose to watch I hasten to add but my friends nephew is on.... anyway 3 kiddies just did a pretty good version of With or Without You.

  4. Brendo 1704.. great story. Maybe the Aussie guy will recognise himself! That would be brilliant. Or should post it on the Australia page for the show.....’find the photobomb aussie’ 18 years later.....
  5. I got a red zone ticket today. Just me - Mr Brunodog can go to raffles bar instead and have a Singapore sling and I’ll go on my own. Happy for it to be just us and the band too! Imagine that....
  6. Well - I’m going for red zone again in the second night pre-sale. At least it is 6am this time (for U.K.) and not 3am! I’m still frazzled from all the shenanigans from Monday having to pretend to live in Singapore and taking 5 goes to finally check out (I was being my husband Brunodog that night). Hopefully should be smoother....though they might be famous last words. Good luck to everyone else going for tickets.
  7. Singapore announced now......that’s what I’m going for! Hubby has had his arm twisted.....again! Though it’s his birthday so can kind of say it’s his present....for the next 10 years!
  8. Yeah I’m with you on that - mmm crumpets. Just a little bit crispy on the top rather than just warmed. Oh I haven’t eaten hardly anything for days and my appetite is just starting to return....my mum (who is looking after me) has just gone to make some toast now after your post! Not same as crumpets but good enough...
  9. Yes they should take Barcaqueen everywhere...
  10. Yes...it is absolutely my favourite album.......
  11. Yes but I couldn’t bring myself to watch them as I was in a bit of torment for not being there (typical) but now I want to see it all! Ah well...this Mixr is fab.
  12. Any periscope things....the other one was only 1 song?
  13. Thanks...yeah it’s crap isn’t it. I’ve been beside myself anyway...missing these just make it worse! they are my life, my husband isnt even all that bothered - he just follows me following them (or not this time as the case may be!). Well, I have to just get on with it...these shows look like the best ever as well which is tough but I am going to watch as much as I can on-line tonight. Fingers crossed Dublin 4 but I haven’t got a ticket (but someone might have a seat for me) and I already have a flight. Will just see how it goes. Where have you been this tour?
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