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  1. Setting up now, pouring rain and lightening at 1:40, expect to be open for business about 3:30.
  2. As a tribute to Johnny Cash maybe they’ll “go a bit further”!!! ?
  3. What time with the band make an appearance at the arena tonight? Tomorrow?

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      The show is scheduled to start at 8.00 PM, this Saturday... they usually are on the stage at around 8.30, give or take...

  4. The mixer app worked great during show #1, thanks to those that broadcast, very much appreciated!!!
  5. Heeeeeyyyyyyy BIG WAVE!!! Always great to see this gang checking in......right on schedule!!! A few hours from lift off!!!
  6. Arrived in Montreal from Cleveland OH yesterday and visited the GA line. Locals are pumped for the shows, claiming Montreal is THE BEST place to see U2 outside of Dublin!!! 2 hours until the 1st of 6 I & E shows.
  7. Looking for the tix purchased with access code

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