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  1. Thanks for the info. I still had no joy from Ticketek re my potentially dodgy code - but they told me to call back tomorrow when they knew more... so maybe they can help me reset the code then (hmmm, call me the eternal optimist!)... I would have just tried the damn code at presale time and if it didn't work (is bound not to) would have just called them then, however was hoping for 2 Redzone tics and I know they will go fast, so just hoped I could get it sorted before the fact, but not sounding like that's going to be possible. Anyway, it sounds like you've done everything you can your end, s
  2. I have tried Ticketek (3 times!) and they insist they know nothing and can't help me with the code issue. U2.com give me the same explanation..... telling me to try Ticketek. I just received a confirmation e mail about pre sales, looks like they are on Mon/Tues, so doesn't leave much time for me to get this sorted..... Anyone..??!!! I think I'll be completely grey by the time this presale is over!
  3. Thanks for that. How would you log in to that? I am actually a member of Livenation. I really hope U2.com come through on this - I've been a member for many years now so would be disappointed if they don't help me out. All it takes is to give me a new code, surely not that difficult.....!? Maybe they will receive instructions at a later date, so will try again tomorrow and hope the pre sale doesn't start for at least a couple days!
  4. Ticketek apparently don't have a clue about anything.... I have now e mailed U2.com in the hope they will take pity on me and give me a new code or fix the old one, otherwise I'm in a rock and a hard place - I have a valid code which I'm fully entitled to, but which will most likely not work, and neither U2.com or Ticletek will help me out..... Eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!! What can I do? Surely this is U2.com's area/issue....?
  5. I called the u2.com help people and they told me they had no instructions re this and that I should call Ticketek..... I can't imagine that Ticketek would be able to help in any way....? Surely just giving a new code would be the easiest way to solve the problem.... Help!!!!!!
  6. Fantastic news! One question to Baja - I have one code left, however I did go into the the Ticketek buying screen just at the last minute of the pre sale, and it timed out prior to me purchasing anything (ie; said pre sale had ended). My question is - have I now buggered up that code, even though it wasn't used? If so how could I get another one? I really don't want to risk missing out on this next presale and find it won't work.... your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Don't take this for gospel but just heard from a friend who says that "there is definitely a second concert as XXXXX has reserved Redzone tickets for our business partners on the second night". I figure I shouldn't name the company she's referring to (hence the X's!) but sounds promising..... Sure hope she's right!
  8. So is it ok to get two tics via Livenation pre sale way even if you've used your u2.com access code entitlements? Don't want to give Ticketek any excuses such as exceeding limits to cancel my tickets....!!!! Yes, entirely different presale - Baja
  9. I spoke to a girl at Ticketek and she said it wouldbe unlikely they would have a presale for the second show.... but I am keeping a code unused just in case!
  10. I have purchased well over 4 tickets for the Auckland show as my husband and I are both members and have more than one code each. I then heard there may be a limit of 4 per member per show.... so promptly phoned Ticketek to either cancel some tickets or get the ok for my purchases - I have now gotten e mail confirmation that the only guideline they have is 4 tickets per code/transaction ie; if you have 3 codes you can get 12 tickets. I then thought I'd do one last check and phoned the US number for u2.com and was also told provided I was only doing 4 tickets per code I was ok, even if for the
  11. I will await the official Ticketek response to my query with interest, but so far the two verbal responses were that as long as you are sticking to 4 per pre sale code/transaction you are fine - the end number is not an issue. I won't sleep until I get a confirmation! I think Ticketmaster rules most likely differ from Ticketeks.... Had I known there would be this confusion I would have just bought 4 with my code and 4 with my husbands and not worried about the rest. They were only bonus tickets for friends and family! Oh well.... Once I get a response from Ticketek I will post it, to help anyo
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