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  1. Who is the ticketing agent in Italy? Doesn't appear to be a Ticketmaster website.
  2. First thing I've checked when I got home from school - the U2 setlist! Hope everyone has had fun on the live thread, this time zone was always going to be difficult. Hope NZ has had some representation without me.
  3. Hi Scott. Another kiwi, don't pop in here too much but as the tour kicks off I'll be around a bit more. I'm in Auckland but not a JAFA. Definitely jealous of Stubby! Reid
  4. What??? Already??? Dear me!!! Anyway, quick question...I have been meaning to ask this for ages but giving the tour is round the corner... Are live streamings done/allowed? I had the chance to enjoy some live streaming concerts in Jan/Feb this year for another band and they were extremely enjoyable. Of course it won't be like being at the actual concert but for those who can't go to any of them could be actually very valuable. Again, it is just a a tiny enquiry and out of curiosity... There were plenty of live streamed concerts for 360 just not officially sanctioned ones, I'm hoping we may even see some official ones this time. Streaming has moved on plenty since 360 finished, I wonder what will appear this time round.
  5. I can see the press release now: U2 releasing remastered Pop, tracklisting as follows: Disc 1 - nothing! Disc 2 - zilch! Disc 3 - empty! Bono finally happy with remastered Pop.
  6. [quote name='aussiegirl wrote: Reid NZ']queuing never hurt anyone but just in case maybe we should start a numbering system now. I'm number 1! I'll be back in 4 years, save my spot! I bags #2.......and that's for ALL NZ and Oz shows Oh most definitely, and it will include a check in system in some out of the way place (like NZ) for all other shows. Just so you know I'm saving a spot for my mate who is too lazy to queue, he's working, has children, is ill and generally can't be fakked with queuing but I will save him a spot where ever your favourite place is just to piss you off. He will then spend the whole time going out to buy beer and going to the toilet because he genuinely think Bono's a hobbit.
  7. queuing never hurt anyone but just in case maybe we should start a numbering system now. I'm number 1! I'll be back in 4 years, save my spot!
  8. Good points lads. Also missed the playing of Scarlet, so something from October made it into the tour circuit. Whether or not people enjoyed it I'm not sure but at least it was an interesting change.
  9. *shaking fist violently at image of principle management and red tape* *smiling knowlingly at how hard the mods and fans try to look after the u2 fan community*
  10. Great call - you mods do a fantastic job perservering with all the bullshit, lame questioning and most importantly providing a sense of reality on this site when all the fans are tearing their hair at. Hope you can all get some chill time now until we all get something else to have a moan about. Thanks for all your efforts.
  11. Bono is using the end of the tour to come down to NZ to play the part of Bilbo Baggin's little love toy in the The Hobbit, his name will be Bonobegay. Peter Jackson thought Bono fits in easily and won't require much make up.
  12. Next edition of Rolling Stone will have Bono on the front cover as the best guitarist of all time
  13. [quote name='mick james wrote: peterferris8']Dear Lady Gaga, You were so much more attractive before you became a tarty popstar. Dear Katie Perry, You were attractive before, but now that you're a tarty popstar you're awesome! Dear Katie Perry Why Elmo and not me? I'm gone!
  14. [quote name='mick james wrote: guinnessu2']sad, to just sign up so that you can attack people, eh Mick? Hi mate, and welcome to the Zoo! Have fun mate I'm confused! I thought the only reason people joined the zoo was to attack people
  15. Worth popping my head back into the Zoo just for this wonderful analysis of the the world's biggest U2 fan, now where do I get my hands on these sought after PDFs?
  16. No Line on the Horizon The Unforgettable Fire Pop Zooropa Achtung Baby October The Joshua Tree Wide Awake in America
  17. Just saw a report that 17 confirmed dead - worst is that there will be more to follow. Sux to be a kiwi right now - feeling useless!
  18. Looks like its a complete mess down there - the pictures on the news are awful - seeing pictures of cars, buildings etc all just pummeled. Terrible knowing that you have family & friends there - just a matter of hoping/praying that they're alright. They're talking that large hotels and other office blocks destroyed - this isn't looking good. Thank god I'm in Auckland
  19. Has anyone worked out what timezone they're talking about? May 21, 2011 for New Zealand is like May 20 for a lot of the world so this makes a big difference - where in the bible will the time zone be stated? Us kiwis are a little bit ahead of the rest of the world and if this thing goes down it seems like I'll miss all the tv/youtube footage as it will happen to us first!
  20. Voxxiegirl glad you enjoyed it. I too was rather vocal in my disdain for the decision to bring JayZ but really enjoyed his sets. I knew going in that we were going to like Empire State of Mind but wondered what the rest of his set would be like, I wasn't particularly impressed by the videos I saw on the music channels however thought his youtube vids from different concerts were far more intriguing. At Auckland there were a number who queued all day to hear Jay Z and the GA crowd in general really got into him. I too thought he was amazing as a support act and really had the crowd amped for U2 to come on. However, his onstage antics were amusing at first as well but after hearing the same scripted antics through 4 shows we soon got a bit bored with them - I recognise that there is a large degree of choreography & scripting in shows however would love to have seen a bit more flexibility from a guy who really does excel live. This lack of innovation maybe due to the short timespan he had - so willing to concede on this and would love to see him do a full set to see what thats like. Definitely glad to have seen him, thanks to U2 for bringing him out, definitely eyes open for me. 99 problems but my naiveity ain't one!
  21. Cool pix Mac - Disneyland & all the offshoots around the world rock. Always thought you'd have to be such a miserable prick not to have fun at these places.
  22. Apparently its more because of the 'what needs improving' aspect as well as to use the footage in the show itself, if they are filming I'm led to believe that there will be a even more cameras than are usually present.
  23. My letter to Santa: Please help me & the wife go to a U2 show in Dublin in 2011 and a show in Tokyo also. If you do this I'll never ask for anything ever again (until next time). I promise I'll be good next year and I'll even refrain from encouraging bad habits in my nephews. I'll even stop dreaming about Mrs Claus Please Santa *leaves cookies, beer and hay out for Santa & the reindeer*
  24. I'm all for him & the lads moving to Australia - seems to me that we'd all get to hear them live a whole heap more!
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