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  1. And so it ends... It's unbelievable how time flew by from pre-sale hell to one of their best tours in my opinion! Good bye to all and may that prayer of safety be with all of us! Take care all and thanks again to the MODS who helped all of us with presale hell !
  2. Where is everyone? I cannot be the only fan Club member not at the show tonight?! I am still recovering from MSG3 and the 2 DC shows.
  3. So is the 74 old fan that he just mentioned the same 74 year old fan from DC that also got an autograph tattoo??! If so, she is my hero and ROCKS from DC to Boston!!!
  4. Someone started the list and they started giving out numbers yesterday with various check ins already. There are people already there and with the list. CAP ONE also has posted instructions for GA.
  5. Tears and goosebumps here in DC as well. I can't imagine what it was like to actually be in MSG tonight since it was very emotional via the Internet....
  6. thank you! Thank you again to Sweet for those great close ups. Your seats are amazing and thank you for sharing this evening with all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thank you to "Sweet Divergence" for coming back with the Second half on Periscope! ...Living this night through you and all who are there!!!!!!!!!!
  8. There was a ticket drop at the box office as i stopped there this morning at 11am.. Tickets in upper sections as low as $50 but of course, as soon as I got there, the box office said they had just sold out!
  9. For anyone lucky enough to have tickets for any remaining shows and who may be concerned about views from 114 and sides, I can say that everything noted previously by fellow club members is right on.. The view was terrific and the band spends alot of time on the main stage. It is harder to see the opposite stage but not impossible and you can see the screens also,. The energy last night was very high. That show was full of highlights...Once again, thanks to all who posted about views from side sections and behind the stage. I am so happy that I bought the tickets Friday and was there last
  10. Hello all: Long time fan since the 1980s but have not really posted much here over the years - After being shut out of pre-sale etc., I thought all hope was lost on being able to attend any of these shows. Finally, yesterday, I was able to get my hands on 2 tickets in section 114. I had seen discussion about this and it was a difficult decision but the price was decent compared to the rest of the seats available yesterday and today on TM for July 26th thru Fanresale. So thank you all for the information you posted about the views from 114 etc. I hope that the fans in Secti
  11. Hi all- Thankfully, the "Packages" page seems to now be working properly and allowing you to select and purchase from the advertised membership packages ( not just the "gift subscription" option). I wish had done this before 9/9 since I have been a long time U2.com subscriber but apparently I missed the date and that date was the cut off to be part of the group that is in the pre-sale "A" category... Oh well. At least, I have now been able to renew.. Thanks to all for the help this morning.
  12. Hi- I have been reporting a problem since this morning and wanted to update that apparently issues continue. If you try to upgrade your membership (for those of us whose memberships were lapsed perhaps), the upgrade link takes you to a page with 3 advertised packages to choose from. But if you select the first $50 membership package that includes the vinyl album and with download, the next page is the LIVE NATION website for the U2 shop but instead of having that membership package, it has a "gift subscription" for $50 that consists of the North Side Story only. The other membership packag
  13. Max, Thank you for reporting this problem to them!! I have not been able to get through to anyone on the phone despite a very long wait.. Hopefully, it will be resolved so we can renew memberships....
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