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  1. I have to say my fears were unfounded. The second show last night in Melbourne was an awesome display of stadium rock by the band. They really gave it their all, and appeared fresh and invigorated by the rowdy crowd. When the huge Etihad audience kept singing after With Or Without You or was it ISHFWILF? (can't remember - so many great moments!), Bono appeared generally moved as we kept singing and singing after they had finished the song. We had Red Zone 1 and were frequently visited by Bono and The Edge, and Adam came over a few times as well. A few bozos in the inner circle got booted out in front of us after trying to ride the moving walkways or throwing bottles of water. So much security! The sound was good I though for a stadium gig. We took Etymolic concert earplugs which just take the edge of the highs and make it easier on the eardrum. A pretty blonde babe was pulled from the crowd by Bono. Something for her to remember forever. The audience was pretty rocking even on Level 3 in the stands. I think the Friday night date makes it a more relaxed (and lubricated!) crowd. A weekend gig for most people means you can party up without having to go to work in the morning. I think this really influenced the energy of the second concert's crowd. It was so great to hear Pride again and Stuck in a Moment which was played for the first time this year. You can see where the money has gone on this tour. The technology is truly amazing from the massive moving LED screen to the pedestal remote video cameras. But even surrounded by all the technology, the band's passion and fantastic musicianship rose above it all. I can't see how this show can be topped, and I'm sure Bon Jovi who I'm seeing next week will be giving it all as the benchmark is raised. These huge stadium shows are only getting better and better. Great show.
  2. Thanks everyone. Well we are about to head off on a four-hour drive to Melbourne. Thanks for the feedback from those who were at the first gig. Looking forward to it. Cheers.
  3. I've just that I've never read so many negative reports about a U2 show. I saw them in '85 at Milton Keynes with REM, The Ramones and Billy Bragg (oh the mud), then Live Aid at Wembley, then Melbourne in the late Eighties, all great, great shows. It's not the trolls and whingers, but real people who were there. I'm going tomorrow night with a truly positive outlook (have to!), but any band who has toured such a massive show for so many shows has to be constantly aware of their audience's expectations to keep it fresh. I'll report back on Saturday for what it's worth.
  4. I'mreading a LOT of negative feedback on the news sites about the first Melbourneshow; that the band was disinterested, the crowd in the stands uninvolved andbored, the same stage banter... and even non-rappers thinking Jay-Z was thestandout of the night. WTF. I'm concerned the 360 tour hasbeen on the road for so long that we have all seen the Blu-ray, the TVspecials, the YouTube videos, and there isn't anything new to see or hearbesides the actual physical experience of being at a 360 concert. We'repaying big bucks to see this show; I've bought four tix for the family for$1400 and I fear we might not be getting the real deal. The showhas been on the road for so long, is so automated, the light & video showso programmed, the set list so routine and predictable, the"expectation" by the band that every stadium crowd will go nuts assoon as they hit the stage and stay that way until the end; but the resultantlack of enthusiasm and fulfilment on BOTH sides of the stage is almostinevitable. I'm goingtomorrow with the family and spending a LOT of money on travel, tickets, mealsand accommodation. I don't want much - just passion and the songs I'veloved. I want the classic songs, an experience, sincerity and unpredictability. But I fear that was another band a long time ago. I so hope I'm wrong. Edit: Saturday morning. Fantastic show. Read later post #18...
  5. U2 selecting Jay-Z may well prove to be the Big Mistake they made. No matter how popular he is in his genre, it may well have hurt ticket sales more than if they had Snow Patrol or another hot OS rock band. I like Empire State of Mind, but I think U2 has made a big mistake with this particular audience.
  6. [quote name='SandSCreative wrote: powervideo']Got my other two RZ1's so the kids can come too now. Geez that was a stress out!!!!! Now I wll have to move my 4 P2 tickets. Phew Hey, congrats on getting the RZs you needed. Appreciate it man! Thanks.
  7. Got my other two RZ1's so the kids can come too now. Geez that was a stress out!!!!! Now I wll have to move my 4 P2 tickets. Phew
  8. I'd doubt it. They started selling U2.com fan club tix yesterday without any password field until someone noticed and fixed it ten minutes into the sale.
  9. Yeah what is it about Brisbane, while Melbourne RZ was red hot?
  10. It's not just Ticketek. I rang TM to confirm, and they said there are no Red Zone tix available for Live Nation. I got a personal email from LN last saying there would be RZ tickets. They build up people's hope then can't or won't deliver.
  11. Well there no RZ's at all in the Live Nation Dec 3 presale. It said allocation exhausted even before I logged on (and I was very quick). Same ticket blocks available as the U2.com presale.
  12. Perhaps put an ad on the ticket trade board to buy a couple of RZ1s and if you get someone who wants to sell, then advertise the 4 P2s. Or ... try and get some RZs in the public sale. If you can get in when the gates open you have a pretty good chance of getting them. Yeah thanks for that Nniixx . I'll try for RZ in the public. I hear there were none for sale in the Live Nation presale #1. The whole "get your RZ wristband thing on the day" is a real pain to have to hook up with your buyer. All is not lost guess, but man, what an expensive morning... I reckon the Tickmaster dude thought I was general public and by "VIP" the supervisor meant U2.com fan Club members. I've filed a complaint, so anyway... That was SandSCreative who suggested that. Oops, thank you too!
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