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  1. Most likely Money. Or that Large Hadron Collider
  2. Got my Melbourne tickets. Anyone know what level 1 aisle 27 would be like? For anyone who got those seats 4 years ago? I think I got something decent, even if it on the far side opposite the stage... Also, has anyone had the incling that a website revamp often goes in conjunction to a new album? :D:D:D:D we'll haveto wait and see what happens in the coming months...
  3. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Just joined the site to get pre-sale tickets in due time! I've been waiting 3 years 9 months for this day!!! SO EXCITED AAHH!!!!! This time round I'll know all the songs back to front that they play last time I didnt know a couple... and those couple happened to now be favourites... so i did see those songs live, but i dont remember seeing them cause I didnt know them... one of them being The Fly
  4. I think this just about sums up who I am... well, apart from the fact that Pink Floyd are my second favourite band...
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