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  1. Aww that's so unlucky. I'm surprised tho - baja or someone said on another thread if you need 4 RZ tickets you have to call the agency. Nothing about not being allowed to sell them to non-VIP package purchasers. That doesn't sound right :/ Hopefully you might be able to buy another 2 either in LiveNation or general public sale or else from someone who needs to sell later.
  2. Ticketek has now been fixed and if you go back to it there is now a new password box which works. So happy just got RZ1 for Bris. Good luck to everyone still trying for them.
  3. [quote name='bluehammer wrote: Marieka']First hints of a 2nd Sydney show.... Was just checking out accommodation near the venue at a cheapie (formula1) and the usual rate is $69 a night, but it jumps to $219 a night on the 13th AND the 14th of december..... so maybe a 2nd show on the 14th?? 2nd Show 14th for Sydney yes. 2nd show 3rd Dec for Melbourne. 2nd show 26th Nov for Auckland. Additional dates held as well but IMO these are the most likely. Some of us booked accommodation when the dates leaked... Any idea if there might be a 2nd show for Brisbane as well? I can't goto the inter-state ones so would be great if I could see them twice locally instead.
  4. If you become a subscriber now you will also get a chance to be part of the Cedar group and enter the 2nd presale which starts on 30th August.
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