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  1. Oh dear, an artistic challenge. I have the artistic ability of a goblin, which is to say I have no artistic ability whatsoever since goblins don't exist. (this is not an invitation to start debating the existence of fairytale creatures guys!) Will you be accepting entries of a badly carved (butchered) pumpkin in tiny little pieces ala "Smashing Pumpkins"???
  2. Yeah, the world has 24 different timezones, so it should be EASY to make sure you post during the waking hours (whatever that means, I myself am I late night person) of all 24 global timezones!!
  3. Just yesterday on the radio I heard a quote from Paul McGuinness saying that a new album was already being developed and was due for release "before the North America leg in May 2011"
  4. Just yesterday on the radio I heard a quote from Paul McGuinness saying that a new album was already being developed and was due for release "before the North America leg in May 2011"
  5. http://premier.ticketek.c.../show.aspx?sh=U2PRESAL10 is the link for Bris+Syd Password: boots go get em guys!
  6. Livenation presale is happening right now! Official statement on their FB page. Anybody know the password, I ain't got nuffink
  7. damn... what a disappointment. a few more tix to an existing Perth concert. Was hoping for dates for the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th concerts!
  8. I just posted a smartass comment on the LN facebook page. thoughts?
  9. Thanks Reid, but unfortunately that link is no good. Any chance of checking it for us?
  10. Anybody know when the LN presale for 2nd shows is gonna start? I thought I saw something about 3pm EST??
  11. I just spoke to Ticketmaster. they are handling the Perth and Melbourne shows. They tell me that Perth 2nd concert tickets are moving slowly and still quite a few left. a 3rd perth concert is highly unlikely coz Sunday is not selling as fast as the first show. They also told me that Melbourne is totally sold out, but perhaps the reason for the other cities not getting a 2nd show might have something to do with the amount of time it takes to deconstruct+move+reconstruct the stage from venue to venue. there just isn't enough time to add extra shows in between a schedule that is already tight, but perth on the other hand is the last show of the leg so thats why they were able to add another show at the end without having to pack up and be someplace else by a certain time. Dunno if that is all true, but it sorta makes sense. Please don't flame me!! That is just what ticketmaster told me.
  12. thx again sands. have already bookmarked that guide to the GA queue, but it might be useful to some of the other guys/gals. I have 1 spare GA ticket to the Perth Sunday Show. Anybody interested.... send me PM.
  13. kewl mate. I have a P1 for saturday night. you lucky bugger got rz's for sunday. still i am glad we got an extra concert. how many rz's did ya get? got any spare????
  14. the perth concert musta sold out in under 20 minutes I am guessing. maybe thats why the immediately put a 2nd date up?
  15. New Dates Just Added! U2 - Reserved Seating Sun 19th Dec 2010 5:00 PM Subiaco Oval, Subiaco WA
  16. I was hammering away for RZ's 5 minutes before the sale started. got nuffink on the phone or the website. Will have to settle for my P1 ticket. sigh.
  17. I was ramdialling ticketmaster 5 minutes before the sale started. engaged ever since. got nuffink from the website. what a crapshoot!
  18. Ticketek was USELESS. they tell me to make ANOTHER complaint when they have not even replied to the last one.
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