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  1. Suggest you detail your problem here: http://community.u2.com/topic/18539 like Shanksnz and others have done. Good luck getting some resolution.
  2. [quote name='sal71 wrote: HollyHood']Guys, are GA tickets being posted out? The FAQs say they should be but I would just like a confirmation from those who already bought tickets. You have to pick up the GA tickets. For ticketek purchases at least. Not sure on ticketmaster. You can do so at the venue or city box office after September 3rd.... check the site for locations and opening hrs... I got GA tickets for Auckland and they are being couriered to me. When purchasing tickets there was a choice of delivery options. I chose courier rather than post because it was only a few dolla
  3. I'm gutted there were no Auckland RZ tickets left for Group 2. Still, glad the RZ tickets went to die hard U2 fans in Group 1 rather than just rich members of the general public. Got my GA tickets and will be lining up early to get near the front. Hopefully won't be too far away from you lucky RZ people. See you there!!!
  4. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: KiaKaha'] "they've been changing the link all day" (don't we know it!). The Sydney link lost all it's prices 5 minutes before sales start time last Thursday, then they came back and went again and came back in time for the sale start. It sure kept the heart pounding. 28 minutes to go for those of you waiting. Thanks Nniixx. I started breathing again when I read your reply. And wouldn't you know it, red zone tickets are back up for Auckland. All we need now is for them to stay up for 12 more minutes!
  5. Noooo!!! Red zone tickets have disappeared from the Group B presale Auckland ticket choices!!! Rang Ticketek. The woman I spoke to said she couldn't give me any information about availability of RZ tickets for the 2nd presale but said "there's a chance they might reappear because they've been changing the link all day" (don't we know it!).
  6. This Ticketek link now says tickets on sale 5pm (NZ time): http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=U2FANGPB10
  7. I'm an anxious Cedar waiting for the 2nd presale to open today. Haven't received a presale email yet but the links and presale code are on the site after you log in so it's not absolutely essential. Just spoke to Ticketek about 2nd presale. The woman I spoke to said: - the 2nd presale opens at 5pm NZ time today (but I'm still going to check at 1pm and 3pm anyway given the confusion over recent days!) - she didn't know anything about which link to use (FANGPA or FANGPB), said she thought it would "all come through to the same place anyway" (if it's still not clear at presale time I'm gonn
  8. RED ZONE questions..... Desperately waiting for Cedar presales 1pm Monday. Does anyone know if RZ tickets are still available for Auckland? Please can someone who bought RZ Auckland tickets answer how you choose between the two RZs? Do you choose West or East sides of Mt Smart when buying tickets? Which is RZ1 and which is RZ2? Thanks heaps
  9. Congrats to all in Group 1 getting tickets - sooo jealous!!! Desperately waiting for Cedar presales (huge fan since 1984 Christchurch Town Hall concert but too poor lately to afford continuous membership).
  10. bsd1 I love you!!! Thank you soooo much for posting the link to the Mt Smart seating chart.
  11. I'm trying to decide too. I'm worried red zone tickets might all go in group 1 presales though (I'm Cedar). Does anyone know how many red zone tickets are available for Auckland?
  12. Not long til presales for the Auckland concert open and no email with info and link yet. Has anyone else got their email?
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