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  1. Brissy 9th Dec ... offered today P1 - Sect 303, Row 23 P2 - Sect 523, Row 45 P3 - Sect 601-2, Row 78 P4 - Sect 734, Row 60 - Single seat only P5 - G/A - 8 tix offered P6 - N/A P7 - Sect 309, Row 26 - Single seat only Looks like it is selling VERY SLOWLY.
  2. Brissy 9th Dec Pl1 Available Pl2 Available Pl3 Available Pl4 Single seats only Pl5 - Arena Standing Available Pl6 - Red Zone Alloc. Exhausted Pl7 Single seats only
  3. I was surprised that Brissy 2 was announced. They have just under 3 months to sell another what ... 60,000 tix? If sales are not forthcoming won't they just ramp up advertising etc? Surely they would not cancel. It is inevitable that the second shows would sell slower, but I just got offered ... P1 Sect 303 row 17 ... so very good seats. P2 Sect 532 row 40 P3 Sect 601 row 72 P4 unable to obtain 2 tix P5 GA able to get 8 tix P7 Sect 513 row 44 So very good seats available in each of the sections apart from P4 and Red Zone. So it is looking VERY slow for Brissy.
  4. Sydney public sale 8 am 11th - second concert P1 Available P2 Available P3 Available P4 Available P5 - Arena Standing Available Red Zone Alloc. Exhausted P7 Available P8 - Alcohol Free Alloc. Exhausted P9 - Alcohol Free Available P10 - Alcohol Free Single seats only
  5. Brisbane public sale 8am 11th - second concert Pl1 Available Pl2 Available Pl3 Available Pl4 Available Pl5 - Arena Standing Available Pl6 - Red Zone Alloc. Exhausted Pl7 Available
  6. Considerably less angst the second time around. I think most people got what they wanted in the end.
  7. [quote name='Reid NZ wrote: loocarmen']Got me redzones! So happy! Again, is RZ1 on Edge or Adam's side? congrats on redzones, I'm doing seats after ga for the 1st show. not sure which side rz1 is though, the auckland map doesn't show a number, might be worth having a look at some of the other maps. I think the RZ1 is generally Edge and RZ2 Adam. As most of the maps are orientated, RZ1 is up top, RZ2 below.
  8. LiveNation is free to join, I don't think anyone is going to be getting upset.
  9. Anyone after RZs, you'll probably have a half decent chance if you get in the public sales nice and early. There would have to be less people vying for them.
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