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  1. Any word on when the Livenation presale is this time around? (if they're running one of course).
  2. [quote name='zosia01 wrote: zosia01']When I click on the help button in my account this is what it said. see below. Sorry I didn't know I had to look back threw 101 pages of a message board to find new infomation . I now see new infomation 3 pages back. How do I get a refund on my extention of membership that I signed up for 2 hours ago on seeing the info below in my account . Cheers Q - I am a subscriber to U2.com and I have already used my presale ticketing allocation against U2360 shows. How do I get another unique presale access code to participate in presales for New Zealand/Australi
  3. Really tempted to try for a couple of $40 tickets to the second Auck show, just to get a different perspective on things. By the sounds of what Bluehammer was saying earlier these seats can be pretty good, and for the price of a DVD it feels like it would be a shame to not take up the oppurtunity...
  4. Dude, if you're worried about revealing your age then perhaps putting the year you were born in your username isn't such a smart idea?
  5. Still not sold out in Auckland - amazing. "Limited GAs" left, as well as the more expensive of the seated allocations. Super stoked to have beaten the rush anyway. And looking forward to receiving my Artificial Horizon CD! Baja - for someone who is not paid you are doing an amazing amount of work. My hat is off to you.
  6. Super stoked to get my 4 GA tickets to Auckland yesterday. Had to leave it with wifey, but she reported it was as easy as entering the code and buying the tickets. Now got to work out how long we'll need to queue for to get up close. But as discussed earlier, the circle does make for two levels of "closeness", so perhaps not as early as you might think. Had to put on the 360° DVD to celebrate last night. Oh yes. This will be awesome. Still don't think that tomfoolery and shenanagins are being bandied about enoguh though?
  7. 1pm where? Cause unless you're in Perth (which I figure you're not, because it's not 1pm there yet) then the presale hasn't started yet!
  8. Just received my email (turns out we were allowed a lunchbreak from the all day meeting!) you can enter the NZ/AUS presales from Mon 30 Aug, 3pm AEST – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (5pm Auckland; 1pm Perth). You'll be able to purchase up to FOUR TICKETS for any ONE show in a single transaction. The presale window will close Wed 1 Sep, noon AEST – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (2pm Auckland; 10am Perth). In order to take part you will need your PERSONAL PRESALE ACCESS CODE which you will see below. YOUR PERSONAL PRESALE ACCESS CODE: Nice to receive an email befor
  9. What's all this talk of 1pm/3pm/5pm? More shenanagins and tomfoolery. FFS, surely by now there could be some consistency amongst the ticket vendors and U2.com? Oh well. I'm about to disappear into an all day meeting, I've left my wife with a text file with everything she needs - I'm hopeful that I will emerge from the meeting with news of tickets.
  10. If it is like the ticketek link, you need to change an "A" to a "B" in the web address to get to the "Group B" presale page.
  11. Tomfoolery and Shenanagins indeed! Both phrases don't get bandied about nearly enough in my opinion. Infact, I'm not sure "bandied about" gets used enough these days either! Agree totally with Bluehammer. How hard is it to send a group email, when you promised one? So it takes a while for a big group? Start earlier. It's what most people do to meet their deadlines. All sorted now, text file generated with all links, usernames, passwords, codes etc - got to get wifey to try for tickets on Monday as I'm stuck in a meeting at 1pm.... Fingers crossed.
  12. Yip - you can't get past the first screen. Some kind of "Invalid code" type message. It's pretty clear that the 3U2E codes are Cedar now - so I'm not stressed that I'm missing out. Here is a weird situation though. I'm a Cedar, however when I joined I got the "Artificial Horizon" CD (got the confirmation email today). and interestingly I am beig told I can upgrade my sub, and receive another code, which will allow me to buy four more tickets!
  13. [quote name='mick james wrote: bluehammer']Look I'd been through the US presales OK. But the FAQs were so full of noise, thrown together with question after question here getting answered in different ways. red Zone is an auction. Oh, no it's not. Presales will be staggered by group - oh, hang on, no they won't. I got the tickets I wanted. But I read these boards. Plenty are members who choose not to read the forums or wrestle with a site that is up and down faster than a $2 hooker's undies. They were waiting for emails that came 36 mins after the presale. This was n
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