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  1. Any word on when the Livenation presale is this time around? (if they're running one of course).
  2. [quote name='zosia01 wrote: zosia01']When I click on the help button in my account this is what it said. see below. Sorry I didn't know I had to look back threw 101 pages of a message board to find new infomation . I now see new infomation 3 pages back. How do I get a refund on my extention of membership that I signed up for 2 hours ago on seeing the info below in my account . Cheers Q - I am a subscriber to U2.com and I have already used my presale ticketing allocation against U2360 shows. How do I get another unique presale access code to participate in presales for New Zealand/Australia 2010 shows? A - If you currently have a paid-up subscription (taken out before Monday August 23rd. 2010, 8pm GMT) and you now take out a renewal, a further 12 months will be added on to the current end of your existing subscription term and you will be emailed a new presale access code enabling you to buy up to FOUR tickets in the presales for New I'm not shooting the Messenger . But in MY Account Page in the help section the date says you will get a new code if you were a member before Mon 23rd August GMT not Sat. 21 Aug. 8PM GMT as you have stated. I renewed within 1 hour of the Auckland 2 concert Presale because the date was Mon 23rd August and I would qualify for a code. U2.com rules not mine. How do I go about getting a refund as this is very misleading Cheers Second pre-sale was announced, here is the response to the most frequently asked questions we are seeing on the boards: [*]Any unused codes may be used for the upcoming pre-sale [*]At this time I have not received any information indicating that there has been any improvement done on the ticketing systems, so please be aware that at this time, the code time out is still in place. Have received information that the time out issue was fixed *crosses fingers* [*]Members codes can be used for ONE show, up to FOUR tickets of the same type, purchased in ONE transaction [*]Codes cannot be split into different types of tickets, or dates or locations. [*]Your code appears on the TOURS page and on the ACCOUNT INFO page, you do not need the email to purchase your tickets [*]People with 3U2 codes CAN NOT re-renew in order to get another code.Only those whose memberships were active before Sun. 22 Aug. 7AM NZ /5AM AU / Sat. 21 Aug. 8PM GMT i.e if you were in the CEDAR group you cannot re-renew. If you were accidentally put into the Magnificent group but had a 3U2 code assigned, you also can not re-renew (don't shoot the messenger here folks) [*]DO NOT get all stressed, there has ALWAYS been an excess amount of tickets for resale by members (At face value) on this and other fan boards. You will get in, you wont miss out. (e,g, I went to Dublin at the last minute and got into all 3 shows, bought my tickets at face from people I met on here) More as it comes Baja Not shooting the messenger at all, but I think zosia01 has a valid point. I'm in the same boat, although I'm not trying to renew. I'm just going to hope for a livenation preseale for the second shows. BUT, on my "Account Info" screen, I am told the following: Welcome U2.com. As a paid-up Subscriber, please take a moment to update your profile information. And, if you would like to renew your subscription early, and receive another presale access code for use in the upcoming presales. That is all it says. No mention on time of joining etc. No mention of what your original code was. No mention of which group you were placed in. Just clearly told that if you renew you will receive another code, which will allow you to join the upcoming presales. And this in placed in the most logical place that you would check to receive such information. If you checked there first, and were told so explicitly that this is what will hapen, why would yanyone bother to check anywhere else? I'm pretty sure I also received an email which stated exactly the same thing. Anyway. I digress.
  3. Really tempted to try for a couple of $40 tickets to the second Auck show, just to get a different perspective on things. By the sounds of what Bluehammer was saying earlier these seats can be pretty good, and for the price of a DVD it feels like it would be a shame to not take up the oppurtunity...
  4. Dude, if you're worried about revealing your age then perhaps putting the year you were born in your username isn't such a smart idea?
  5. Still not sold out in Auckland - amazing. "Limited GAs" left, as well as the more expensive of the seated allocations. Super stoked to have beaten the rush anyway. And looking forward to receiving my Artificial Horizon CD! Baja - for someone who is not paid you are doing an amazing amount of work. My hat is off to you.
  6. Super stoked to get my 4 GA tickets to Auckland yesterday. Had to leave it with wifey, but she reported it was as easy as entering the code and buying the tickets. Now got to work out how long we'll need to queue for to get up close. But as discussed earlier, the circle does make for two levels of "closeness", so perhaps not as early as you might think. Had to put on the 360° DVD to celebrate last night. Oh yes. This will be awesome. Still don't think that tomfoolery and shenanagins are being bandied about enoguh though?
  7. 1pm where? Cause unless you're in Perth (which I figure you're not, because it's not 1pm there yet) then the presale hasn't started yet!
  8. Just received my email (turns out we were allowed a lunchbreak from the all day meeting!) you can enter the NZ/AUS presales from Mon 30 Aug, 3pm AEST – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (5pm Auckland; 1pm Perth). You'll be able to purchase up to FOUR TICKETS for any ONE show in a single transaction. The presale window will close Wed 1 Sep, noon AEST – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (2pm Auckland; 10am Perth). In order to take part you will need your PERSONAL PRESALE ACCESS CODE which you will see below. YOUR PERSONAL PRESALE ACCESS CODE: Nice to receive an email before the presale, and to have confirmation of the start time. I'm guessing the staggered time zones gave them grief on "Presale A" so that's why they've gone away from local time for "Presale B"?
  9. What's all this talk of 1pm/3pm/5pm? More shenanagins and tomfoolery. FFS, surely by now there could be some consistency amongst the ticket vendors and U2.com? Oh well. I'm about to disappear into an all day meeting, I've left my wife with a text file with everything she needs - I'm hopeful that I will emerge from the meeting with news of tickets.
  10. If it is like the ticketek link, you need to change an "A" to a "B" in the web address to get to the "Group B" presale page.
  11. Tomfoolery and Shenanagins indeed! Both phrases don't get bandied about nearly enough in my opinion. Infact, I'm not sure "bandied about" gets used enough these days either! Agree totally with Bluehammer. How hard is it to send a group email, when you promised one? So it takes a while for a big group? Start earlier. It's what most people do to meet their deadlines. All sorted now, text file generated with all links, usernames, passwords, codes etc - got to get wifey to try for tickets on Monday as I'm stuck in a meeting at 1pm.... Fingers crossed.
  12. Yip - you can't get past the first screen. Some kind of "Invalid code" type message. It's pretty clear that the 3U2E codes are Cedar now - so I'm not stressed that I'm missing out. Here is a weird situation though. I'm a Cedar, however when I joined I got the "Artificial Horizon" CD (got the confirmation email today). and interestingly I am beig told I can upgrade my sub, and receive another code, which will allow me to buy four more tickets!
  13. [quote name='mick james wrote: bluehammer']Look I'd been through the US presales OK. But the FAQs were so full of noise, thrown together with question after question here getting answered in different ways. red Zone is an auction. Oh, no it's not. Presales will be staggered by group - oh, hang on, no they won't. I got the tickets I wanted. But I read these boards. Plenty are members who choose not to read the forums or wrestle with a site that is up and down faster than a $2 hooker's undies. They were waiting for emails that came 36 mins after the presale. This was not done well at all. U2.com, livenation, ticketmaster and ticketek will all point the finger at each other, but the site itself made it so awkward that can you see why 50 pages plus on there are people who are still confused, and worried that their tickets are going to be cancelled because there were multiple presale codes, 5 groups of membership, seemingly different rules for each ticket seller? Cancelling tickets is a cop out, if they had set the system up in the first place so the codes ALLOWED you to only buy your entitlement, then there would be no discussion. Instead the system was setup between TM, Ticketek, Livenation and U2.com so poorly that once in the heat of a presale no one had a fucking clue what was going on, which code they had used for what, why they only got 2 red zones instead of 4... Clear huh? I would imagine that if you spent the $50 to join this place for the presale, that doing 10 mins research ie reading the FAQ/checking the boards, would be a good idea before getting to the ticket on-sale time without questions remaining unanswered Maybe that's just me..... Its not just you Mick. I joined on Monday, and have spent quite a bit of time trawling these boards, FAQs and ticketek to try and get my head around the whole thing. Hopefully nothing will change between now and Monday lunchtime and I'll get the tickets that I paid to have a chance at getting before the public onsale. From what I've seen the mods have done a great job. My only criticism is that in some instances they have answered a question by editing the post. Which is great in theory, and saves the post count in a thread, but means that everyone has to keep trawling through the thread to see what has changed. I'm more used to just picking up on a thread where I left off - but if that's how its done around here then I'm down with that.
  14. Wren wrote: Yeah I bought membership before the FAQ went up but not before Sunday and I must say if the Cedar presale doesn't come through for me I'll be pretty down on the subscription idea. I really wish that there was some staggering so that I wouldn't basically be in "general public 2" when I bought in good faith not knowing the terms and conditions. Seems like the FAQ and beginning of presale would have been logical stagger points with others running back in time for long term members (which is what I think they did for other countries). Even before the FAQs were updated, there was information availible on the forums (which I believe are visible to the general public?) regarding the proposed staggering (albiet only the original four groups). When I joined (which was Monday morning), there was no talk of Cedar, I was of the understanding that I was in the Magnificent group. But anyway, we haven't "lost" anything? The originally proposed staggering still had us getting access at lunchtime Friday, now we get access at lunchtime Monday. What's the difference? I seriously doubt that there will be a huge buyup of tickets over the next few days, I'd have thought that 95% of the presales would be made straight away - being diehard fans and all. Which begs the question - why the big stagger between the two groups now? I don't feel disadvantaged at all really. Glad I live in Nu Zullund and don't have to worry about splitting codes across concerts etc! So looking forward to hearing One Tree Monument Hill live for the third time. Better not count those chickens just yet though...
  15. sorry - I was a bit confusing there wasn't I! I'll try again:Step 1: I log into www.ticketek.co.nz. No probs. Step 2: I look around ticketek for U2, but there is no access to the presale visible. Step 3: I go to the presale page on u2.com (in a different window). Step 4: I click the presale link, and it takes me to ticketek. But I'm no longer logged in to ticketek? I assume that when I enter my code (on the ticketek site, without being logged in), it will take me to another ticketek login screen, and all will be sweet. In the past I have logged into ticketek first (as you recommended earlier), and then when I've clicked through from another site I've stayed logged in. I'm sure it's a non issue that I don't even need to worry about, but just trying to get my ducks in a row for Monday.
  16. Aaaahhhhhhh, no. Serious question (Bsd1 will be able to answer it for the Kiwis). If you log into ticketek, and then access via the presale shortcut, you need to log in to ticketek again? Or am I mising something? Roll on Monday
  17. gotcha!I did try my 3U2E code this morning just in case, but it straight out declined so hopefully no chance of my code showing up as used on Monday arvo.
  18. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: scottdhopkins']Has ANYONE received an email? Both links on the presale page take me to the same ticketet.co.nz page (Fanclub Group A) - which states: U2 FAN CLUB Pre-sale starts : Thu 26 Aug, 11am Pre-sale ends* : Mon 30 Aug, noon General public on sale : Fri 3 Sep, 9am I'm in Cedar (this is based on the N/A showing in my priority group, although this contradicts what I was told when I initially joined (which was ) - so perhaps won't receive an email until Monday? I guess I'll just try my code at 11am (which is only 100 minutes away now). What's the worst that can happen? Your code shows used. If you jsut joined (after August 22) you are CEDAR, if your groups shows as N/A you are CEDAR Hi Baja - cheers for all your help getting through this! One final question for you: you said above that "your code shows as used". I assume this is scottdhopkins's code, not mine (that was me who posted that, but appeared as scottdhopkins). I have a 3U2E... code, so assume it is not possible that mine has been used yet! Thanks again, your efforts are appreciated. I meant it could show as used, cause he said whats the worst that could happen-Baja
  19. 1pm Monday. See you there Not sure if there is a specific allocation for Cedar - I wouldn't expect so, seeing as we are the newbies who just joined for the presale (ie historical members should have rights to the presale before us). Also - Bajagirl - I also hit the "back" button mid-post when I had the wrong username displaying problem, this may be where the issue comes from? Nope, its a tech issues - Baja
  20. "Incorrect - Please try again" That's the final confirmation of my Cedar grouping! Glad to see the site was reasonably accessible though.
  21. Same as the others - try to send you a message but only see the screen for five seconds, and then get an HTTP404 error. I quickly pasted and tried to send, not sure if it went anywhere though. I didn't think to check if I was seeing my own code when I was posting as someone else! I am also showing up as "U2 Fan". Although I have "bjc (not you?)" message, and can still see my code. Weirdly I have a "Sign In" link at the top of my page though???? Hope this is of some use?
  22. I just called Ticketek. They are splitting it into two groups. And as far as they knew if you joined this week you would be in the second (Cedar) group. Good to see a venue map Bsd1, cheers for posting that link.
  23. What the hell is going on with this website? The above post from Scottdhopkins was posted by me???? I am the only person who uses this computer, I don't know a Scottdhopkins? My faith in the system is diminishing rapidly. Oh well. "Suck it up princess" I guess...
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