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  1. Well seems like Cedars are getting tickets. I see alot of people stating they are cedars earlier, now saying they have tickets
  2. Are you guys cedars that are getting these tickets??? I dont want to use my code and stuff it up! Please Reply! Cedars start on Monday - Baja
  3. So Cedars are getting tickets then??? So we can get tickets?
  4. I know the feeling! I'm sooooo excited for the concert, but am so scared of missing out! Last time i missed out on the first concert, to which I thought the world had ended. Only for it to come back with the 2nd show being announced! I don't want that feeling to happen again!
  5. I am a cedar as well. The only thing I am worried about is, when it comes time for us to buy tickets, is that all the GA standing will be sold out for the presale allocation, only leaving seating left. I was standing at the last vertigo concert and couldn't imagine sitting down to watch. Do you guys think the GA will be the first to go, or maybe the really good seats? Cheers
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