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  1. For anyone who selected 'post' as a delivery method, can you post when you get your tickets. I got my tickets over a week ago and considering you pay $18 as a transaction fee, I hope ticketek get thier act together and send out the tickets quickly.
  2. Great maps though - shame that the actual maps were never put up, I am sure it was a deliberate tactic.
  3. Correct. I did one search and found section 624 about row 30 in P7 so I would draw a line there and all the seats above that.
  4. SandSCreative - swap P4 and P7 behind the stage. There is also P7 right at the top of the 600 sections but I am not sure where they start. Interesting that they are saying ANZ stadium is sold out when P2 and P3 are available and some of the other categories are limited.
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