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  1. I won in Chicago on the last tour. Was pretty sweet. Went under the stadium to the 'server' room, up the the light/video control consoles in the stands and under the stage. Saw all of Edge's guitars and met Dallas (his tech). Even got to go up on the B stage. Did not meet the band though.
  2. Chicago 1 will be my 4th Red Zone experience. 2 years ago in Chicago at the United Center there was a RZ line that formed starting at the table near the RZ entry gate. We got there about 3 hours before the gates opened and were only about 15 people back. Hung out in line with some really cool people and I ended up having pizza delivered right to us in the line. About an hour before the gates opened they distributed the wrist bands and had us form 2 separate lines (that tour had 2 separate RZs). We received an envelope with a ticket (more commemorative than real I recall) and a raffle ticket fo
  3. For Montreal3 they opened up the official RZ line up area (with velvet ropes, a sign and a table! ) at about 5 or 5:30 pm. My husband and I arrived at the Bell Centre (venue) at about 2:45pm from Toronto as traffic was a lot better than we had anticipated. Instead of hanging around downtown for a few hours we decided to check out the RZ entrance. There was already a fan in line so we stayed and became numbers 2 and 3. The security guard laughed at how early we were and the ietour lady (Emma? - in charge of RZ) commented at about 4pm that we were waay early for RZ! Several RZ-ers came by an
  4. Does anyone know about what time the shows are ending? I'm trying to arrange a car service for after the show. -Matt
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