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  1. I have had it.For years we have worshiped , idolised and thought they are the greatest.Well im saying it as it is , U2 has lost it.Same songs on the 360 tour ( hell you got to admit they pulled half the songs off NLOTH because A. no one got into the songs live, and B. the album sucked).Ok , ok attack from all sides from the U2 LOYALISTS, but seriously both NLOTH and HTDAAB were crap.Sure they sell plenty but it's the fans that swallow it up , those fans that still yern for Achtung glory .Well i have waited too long -i've given up.Songs of Decent- even the title reminds me of songs left over
  2. Dear U2 community, Our country is under seige, the biggest disaster to hit our country is unfolding.I urge ALL Members to help in any way be it prayer, or DONATIONS to our flood relief-http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html. We as Australias have donated millions to Bono's crusades.IT'S NOW OUR TURN WE NEED HELP - please BONO please even a message of hope would be a god send Best Wishes, Hayden
  3. you single ? you sound hot !
  4. Simple question is raising awareness and not DIRECT action keeping some one from starving ? Once again the innocent are being given a " oh poor you " look while those involved eat their caviar .Pathetic, it's not speculation , its FACT BUDDY
  5. ELVIS PRESLEY JFK ( Have to ask where did that shot some from ?) The don 9 he can play in our cricket team
  6. Lets start giving to our own as well , did you mention Aboriginals - no!
  7. lets strat gving to our poor as well , did you mention aboriginals -no!
  8. Says it all really i'm not totally blaming Bono but his eyes would not be totally closed, every "boss" knows in some way or the other what's going on.I feel ripped off and angry what a fucking joke ! LINK:) http://www.heraldsun.com....y-e6frf96o-1225928938600
  9. Can some one please explain this the transportation of the claw has been estimated to add at least 65,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere ? Bono then even requests that fans car pool on the way to the gig to "cut down on carbon emissions".Huh ? Isn't that just slightly hypocritical !Global warming isn't a joke , this adds to the effect of GLOBAL hotter weather , even to those the starving in Africa ! , Perhaps a contribution by U2 ( and an admission of just how bad this stage is to the environment) of their millions horded in Swiss banks wouldn't go astray to global w
  10. got tickets got tickets got tickets yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Melbounre concert
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