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  1. Hey Nniixx, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Will do now. Take care, Kate
  2. Hey One bad lemon, Thanks for the email. That really helps heaps! Take care and have a good one
  3. Hi guys, I totally agree with Leonie. Poor old Baja has copped it from everyone anyway she was probably just fed up with everyone emailing her. Thing is we are all (obviously) MANIC fans, PANICKED about things. I am in the cedar group and haven't had any presale email info or anything but my question is this, do I need a presale email? Can I just click in on Monday at 1pm (when Cedar presale starts) enter my code and hope to hell there are some GA tickets still left? Is that all we need to do? Please I don't need any rolling eyes or anything at this point. I just would really like to know from anyone else who has purchased tix already what the procedure is? Please can someone help me out? THANKS so much and everyone, have a great weekend!
  4. Hi guys, I have been having sleepless nights about not getting tickets for the Sydney shows. I have just subscribed to u2.com so PRESUME I come under the cedar ranking. I have not been emailed an access code but have one when I sign in under one of the tabs. Does anyone really know how this actually works? I feel like a complete FOOL! Thanks, Kate.
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