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  1. this article is i think quite interesting to say the very least, i agree that it is not a well written peice of journalism, generalisation for starters all concerts ive been and seen u2 on the 360 tour and vertigo have been in GA and in quite a few diff countries yes there have been drunks but every person in the GA have been so friendly. i dont think its fair that she makes a generalisation about 45 000 u2 fans......... and can anyone tell me a concert where there is no tone deaf hollering???????????????????
  2. yh i been a member of livenation for yrs aswell as u2.com but livenation should email you with all the information but hopefully u will be all sorted i was one of the fortunate ones that didnt have any trouble with u2.com..... but u should get a password for livenation if u have no luck on here.
  3. if u are unaware live nation are doing a pre sale for the second shows so if u have no codes sign up for my live nation the first shows with their pre sale they had all sections available i got 2 GAs just if u didnt know its an idea if u want tix early. not too sure about red zone tho...
  4. ah mysteries cheers for the authers love hearing wat others are reading....... invictus ive heard its a great movie but unfortunately not seen it yet but i have read the book and it very interesting....... yh would love tp watch the girl with the dragon tatoo i love readin crime or mysteries, great break from school stuff..... i recently read the bourne trillogy and now i cant watch the movies cos its a complete diff storey line to the books only similarity is the jason bourne charecter..............
  5. yh how good would it be if they ended their year in ireland but the question is with the rumour of belfast is the city big enough for u2??????? oh they played in horsens so i guess they can....... i would so love if they played belfast would be awesome how likely are these rumours do we think??????????????
  6. sounds interesting there i am currently on the millenium series steig larsen sweedish auther who died before he published in sweedish and then in english great books i on the last one... i will finish that very very soon and then a friend of mine bought me a long walk to freedom the autobiography of nelson mandella i have started it but it is a very very strong read but cant wait to get back into it.its great to get of the fictional books and go into non fiction i think.........
  7. cheers yh will be interesting to see how quick they go but and how quick after fri u2 announce another few shows but just ait and see
  8. you are an absolute Gem marieka i did not receive the email from them, infact i have not received emails from live nation uk for ages i have my tix but need to purchase just 2 more hope i can get GA but cheers for that
  9. i have the same question i would like to know aswell it did say originally it was today at 9 am local but now ticketmaster has taken that away and i dont receive anything from live nation anymore and did not get the email but im assuming today either 9 am or 3 pm wen cedar finishes
  10. i think anywhere in the house for this concert is great i myself got 4 GA tix and 4 t3 seating for etihad it is a much bigger and better set up than vertigo and well every other concert theyve done.... i was recently sitting in Frankfurt right up the top with a 60 000 capacity and it was still a great view, i also had GA tix to horsens and we started the line up at 4 30 in the afternoon and still got just outside the inner circle there is definately a good place for all with this 360 show...... and last yr at wembley was sitting on lev 3 and was a great view, but that is my opinion. at vertigo
  11. ah well if thats the case it better for ga i myself would love to afford red zone but ive just travelled to germany and denmark to see the boys so no $$$$$ left
  12. but its hard with seatin plans am i completly wrong there i most likely am
  13. thanks for puttin up the seatin plan but it seems that the red zone is to the sides only and thats very interestin its always been all around the front to the 5 shows ive seen
  14. awesome to hear kiwis great news now 2 hrs for melb and syd
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