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  1. I am seeing only 2 shows on this tour and they will probably be identical songs played...sigh I heard they sound checked Stuck In A Moment in Nashville the other day. For the love of God please don't play that song in Montreal because you will seriously put the audience to sleep with it. The only solution to this setlist problem is bring back Bad/All I Want Is You sequing into Streets. Also bring back Wild Horses and The Fly and Mysterious Ways. Get rid of I Will Follow, Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday acoustic is terrible anyway.
  2. Why does U2 play the same set list in back to back nights in the same city ? They only rotated Gloria for Red Flag Day at Chicago 2 and they have now settled into their comfy 24 song setlist. I'm sorry U2 but the current set list is weak. Why do you continue to play I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday (acoustic yuck !), Pride every show on every tour ? Also songs like One and Elevation and Vertigo have been overplayed also. Acoustic version of beast thing is weak also. You would be better of playing Bad seguing into All I Want Is You and segue into Streets. Why not play Song for Someone, Land
  3. Yes please drop SBS, Pride and Miss Sarejevo. Replace them with other songs. Agree about Miss Sarejevo. That song worked well on the Vertigo tour but not on this tour. But if Bono thinks/wishes he is an Opera singer what can we do ? This band will never be a Springsteen and play for 3 hours or a Pearl Jam and play completely different songs each night. They seem to need a lot of practice and time to rehearse new material and since Bono is out trying to save the World all the time this ain't gonna happen. Why do you think the new album is taking so long ?.
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