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  1. Has anyone got an idea on the $40 seats? Since its a 360 is the view basically the same around the stadium? (this is the auckland show in particular) We are waiting for sales to morrow and can't decide on which ones to get - we can't afford the 3 most expensive ones and the $174 tickets and $39.95 tickets look like they will have the same view anyhow? Hopefully some can shed some light on if being on the north side of the stadium ($39.95 tickets) means you don't get to see the band at all? (360 makes me think you still do just not as much)
  2. question - do I have to be a 'paid' member to get presale tickets?
  3. Very excited about this concert - missed out last time they came to New Zealand - we had tickets for the March 18th concert that was postponed and had to give our ticket to our friend when it was on the 25th Novembe as our little boy was born 4 days before hand (ceasar so couldn't travel) My friend rung me from the concert and sent me photos but definately not the same as actualy going there - so this time we wanna go (and no baby in the making so all good:-)
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