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  1. yeah I'm not scottdhopkins either but I think it's a techno problem relating to the website revamp.....doesn't matter now we have tickets!!!!
  2. just got my email telling me the details of the presale.........half an hour after I got my tickets..........glad I read through 35+ pages here on the forum last night instead and was fully prepared!!! thanks to everyone who has posted relevant and useful advice here........would have been lost without it!!!
  3. I got tix for melbourne, went through the presale site to get the link to ticketmaster. first up it said my code wasn't recognised so I entered it again using capitals and it worked!!! keep trying..........keep trying!!!!!!!!! my code was a 3u2 code btw. FAAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKKK I'm still shaking!!!!!!!!! this process did my head in And I'm not bloody scottdhopkins!!!!!!!!! just a very relieved fan
  4. Hi Bahagirl, Sorry, I'm a little confused. I have an email saying that I am in the Magnificent group, but have a code 3U2E and N/A against group in my Account info. The email says I can buy from 3pm on the 2nd day of the presale, but the website says 3U2E codes are Cedar and can't buy until the 30th. What happens if I attempt to buy tomorrow if I am in Cedar? Will it null my code?? Also ... are there a range of tickets being released with each presale group? Or are all the best tix going to be snapped up by Horizon? Thanks. If you are Magnificent, you can try now. If it works cool, if no
  5. Thanks for that Bsd1. sooooo excited, it's like a first date, well it is actually. never managed to see them before so hopefully i can get tickets and then that will be one less thing on my bucket list!!!! Coffee-check. Credit card-check. can't stay off the loo- check(bit too much info maybe?). laptop-check. codes etc etc-check. forgotten anything?
  6. [quote name='babyface82 wrote: surrenders']I got that error also and signed in through backdoor. Can't get into My Home, etc. Lots of other issues too. me too!! what's happening?? Please help me!! I am Babyface82, but i've got problem in the community! I dont know why my name is Scottdhopkins now??!! I dont know who is "scottdhopkins", I want my (paid) account "babyface82!
  7. Has ANYONE received an email? Both links on the presale page take me to the same ticketet.co.nz page (Fanclub Group A) - which states: U2 FAN CLUB Pre-sale starts : Thu 26 Aug, 11am Pre-sale ends* : Mon 30 Aug, noon General public on sale : Fri 3 Sep, 9am I'm in Cedar (this is based on the N/A showing in my priority group, although this contradicts what I was told when I initially joined (which was ) - so perhaps won't receive an email until Monday? I guess I'll just try my code at 11am (which is only 100 minutes away now). What's the worst that can happen?
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