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  1. I'm just hoping we get a pre-sale crack at the second shows, and that Ticketek doesn't just open them up to Joe Public without any notice. It is unusual for second shows (if they happen) to have a presale, as they go on sale the same day the first show sells out - Baja
  2. ok so how are we going to know if our tickets have been cancelled?????? will we get an email im just a bit worried as i have used 2 diff credit cards and 2 diff ticketmaster accounts so im a bit woried after reading this and also others
  3. ok just to clarify something i didnt see anything in the FAQs i have 2 codes i bought 3 tix for melb for me but unfort i couldnt buy another 4 due to lack of $$$$ but my brother used the other code is there a chace of my tix being cancelled all together all tix for the melb show? can someone answer for me?
  4. im in the uk im just wondering if the lads will give me a lift in their nice 360 jet to australia cos im not far from them atm and i need a lift to aus..... possibilty do u think?????????????? hahahahaha oh and thanks for all the posts on here been a great help!!!!!!!!! got my tix woop woop now bring on dec
  5. thanks for all your post i did not have any trouble in gettin tix but the only concern i have is i have been a subscriber for u2 for well since i can remember but unfortunately i have not paid up untill this week, and i am in the uk i was actually put in the magnificent category but i am thinking that i was put there because i have been a subscriber for yrs and yrs but not a paid subscriber could that be the reason????????????? hey i aint complaining about and i thought the FAQs were pretty well explanitory really.......... so thanks for all posts
  6. Is it too early to start asking about second shows? Can't make Melb on the 1st.
  7. One guy is already selling THIRTY GA TICKETS on Ozzie eBay for $192.00 each.
  8. WTF ...... KateCB ^^^^^ I just made that post and my name isn't KateCB
  9. Ticketek kept signing me out, then the venue option wouldn't work for me and then it wouldn't accept my passcode. I tried the other code and same deal. I went through this same process so many times I was having a nervous breakdown, but I finally managed 4 seats in section 105, row 11 in Sydney, which seemed to be the only section on offer. Phew ...... arrgghhhhh ....... and yay.
  10. got tickets can now calm donw & hope fully resume decent spelling see you in sydney boys now bring on second gig doing happy dance * sreaming my 4year old is lookig at me very strangley so happy hope to meet some of you there
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