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  1. Trying to re-up my sub but is not letting me buy the bundle (getting stuck on mailing address details)...
  2. i just wish the second date didnt clash with something i have already committee to or else I would snag them up
  3. i could have used my password again for either row 3 or redzone but the new brisbane date didnt suit
  4. Man, so I get the email that says I can re-subscribe and get another presale password - but then stumble across some information hidden away on this board that actually I cannot if I have a 3U2... password. Well done again U2.com
  5. Sands - I also think that most of the lower sections in briz are P1 not just on the side? If you try to get tickets in P1 now it gives you lower tier towards the back i thought
  6. Only those members who didnt use their code have a presale opportunity (therefore it is not another presale opportunity for all members)
  7. Agree with Dfunk - those who had problems in the presale should be allowed to purchase as were disadvantaged significantly by the major screw up.
  8. the ticket cost is a huge factor for a lot of people - there are a lot of bad seats for $300 each
  9. I was after red zone (as with all australians we are lazy and dont want to have to work for getting near the stage), but then changed my mind as would get a far better view from P1
  10. Last time he toured oz, he kept people waiting for more like 2 hours - he does it just so that he can say that he played past midnight and ignores all guidelines on what is actually allowed at a venue - he is a child
  11. But what would I know - I have only been a member here for 5 minutes
  12. Will most likely now be Monday if more additional shows are announced to hype it up a bit over the weekend
  13. I wish I had just waited till this sale to get tix as was very easy and very smooth (and I ended up with better seats than the presale).
  14. AND I will add that this is now hidden away as if the issue never existed. Well done PR people. Take that $100k and run. You mention Pearl Jam doing by seniority, but they do it a HELL of a lot better than this. Acknowledge the problem rather than hide it and recompensate the people you have impacted. At the end of the day, the following has occurred: * Marketing to the masses that if you become a subscriber you will get access to a presale at a certain time and date * You will have ample access to ticket type and location prior to public sale You have scammed people on both instances. The biggest band in the world and the biggest scam in the world. Feed the starving, or feed the greedy (live nation)? You just added $50 onto ticket purchases for hardcore fans which is a great way to hide another $50 per pair of tickets onto the sale price to make them seem 'cheap'. If the presale had worked that is fine. But it was far from that - please refund everyone who joined after the close date or this is definitely going higher.
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