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  1. Into Libya The birth of an Obama doctrine THUS President Barack Obama tonight, speaking to the American people directly for the first time since launching Operation Odyssey Dawn and unleashing American missiles in Libya. He had received a great deal of criticism—for “ditheringâ€, for failing to consult Congress, for going too far and doing too little. Now he has answered back—and provided, at the same time, the clearest explanation so far of an “Obama doctrine†of humanitarian military intervention. Far from “ditheringâ€, goes the White House line, pushed subtly in the
  2. Oh, this is terrible. I am so sorry to hear this. :-( What state is this?I'd personally friend nearly any animal over most people any day.
  3. Creating a Safer, More Secure Digital Nation from the STOP, THINK, CONNECT Campaign... "More and more, Americans are adopting new and innovative technologies and spending more of their time online. Our thirst for computers, smartphones, gadgets and being online seems to have no limits. At home, at work and at school, our growing dependence on technology, coupled with increasing threats of cyber attacks and risks to our privacy, demands greater security in our online world. A recent national study found that online safety is a personal priority for Americans. Ninety-six percent of Americans s
  4. Does this mean they are not going to go to India? :-( The Claw should go into the Air and Space Museum in Washington!
  5. Get Involved in the National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign: Stop. Think. Connect. The National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign, titled Stop. Think. Connect. seeks to educate and raise awareness among the American public about the necessity of adopting safe cyber practices online. Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming one of the most critical issues affecting both short-term and long-term US national and economic security. The Campaign includes the following programs: • “Friends of the Campaign†actions Friends can do include distributing Campaign materials, le
  6. Hello. I wish to share this general reference page about personal security online and tips on what to do if you have picked up a cyber creep. The legal info is for a U.S. audience, but the main themes apply anywhere, and you can check with your country on the status of legal protections and recourse. Be safe! http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs14-stk.htm
  7. By the way, the ponies are native to this and another tiny barrier island nearby, and have been there for hundreds of years.
  8. surrenders wrote: SIA, they don't 'roundup' those horses do they? I hope not! Well, I think they do an annual "pony swim" where they roundup and herd the ponies. And, I agree, it is never nice to see animals exploited for human enjoyment. But, the entire island is a preserve for them and very well protected. The ponies are rare and not injured. This annual event--having gone on for 80 some years, I think--is a way to raise public awareness and therefore funds for the preserve. It is a wonderful place to camp, did I mention this? But there are some times of the year when it is
  9. The challenge of Libya Where will it end? The Americans, the Europeans and the Arabs must all hold their nerve THE spectacle of American, British and French missiles pulverising an Arab and Muslim country at the dead of night arouses a sense of foreboding. Such ventures have too often begun with good intentions and naive overconfidence, as oil-rich despots see their armour crumple and burn beneath superior Western technology. Within weeks, though, vainglory turns into a costly and bloody quagmire. Yet nobody could accuse Barack Obama and his allies, chiefly Britain’s David Cameron and
  10. Sure, you are most welcome for the pictures. But, please note that these are not my photos. I simply linked to them from the web. I agree, however, they are gorgeous!
  11. Sure, you are most welcome for the pictures. But, please note that these are not my photos. I simply linked to them from the web. I agree, however, they are gorgeous!
  12. This is delightful! I don't think I have ever heard of U2 lending itself to animal rights and welfare....as far as I know, they have mostly been about "the people," or? As an aside, there are also beautiful herds of wild ponies on Assateague Island in the Maryland/Virgina area of the U.S., which is an absolutely lovely place to camp!
  13. Fears grow of humanitarian crisis in besieged Libyan city Washington Post Aid organizations scrambled Wednesday to prepare for large-scale relief operations in Libya, as fears grew of a potential humanitarian crisis in a key city besieged by government forces. International military forces on Wednesday stepped up attacks on government troops in Misurata, 131 miles east of Tripoli. The airstrikes seemed to bring a temporary respite from the fighting that had raged for six days between forces loyal to Moammar Gaddafi and rebels, as pro-government tanks retreated from the city ce
  14. I am pretty certain Bono must have been testing the premise--or rather proving the point--that the album as a medium is dead and that the music industry is, indeed, undergoing a radical transformation under the weight of the digital age. One can easily imagine him sitting there with Stipes drinking and complaining--angsting even--over the state of the industry, before flamboyantly leaping up with the emphatic challenge, "I bet I can't even GIVE a CD away!" And off into the street he went.... Or maybe he was trying to convince Stipes to wake up....what is he doing printing CDs anyway???
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