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  1. I have had the exact same injury as Bono with a herniated disc, with the disc protrusion hitting my sciatic nerve and affecting my back, hip, butt, leg and foot down my left side and the left leg. I have been in alot of pain basically for a year now, and missed out on tickets for Sydney Dec 13 despite having a membership presale code, because of the major problems with the codes. Then a few days later I had emergency back surgery and then found out a second Sydney show had been announced, and after being released from a 5 day hospital stay I was amazed that Sydney Dec 14 tickets were still available over a week after they went on sale! I got 3 tickets for $39 each, pretty happy with that...tickets still available now which surprises me. I hope Bono writes a tune about his back, I would really appreciate that for sure! Enjoy the shows in Australia everyone!
  2. i will be interested to see if the 9am friday scenario allows people to buy by section/bay and not just by price category on the net
  3. So are you saying 141-1 and 141-2 are both $39...then where are the $109 tickets higher up behind the stage? Shouldn't the highest seats behind stage be $39 and not $109 as alot of the top of the screen will be blocked?...with the lower levels behind being $109 where you can see all the screen? This is the problem, to make it this confusing - there is nothing anywhere which will give a clear indication of what you can expect exactly for every price category for every bay...also for example the non alcohol seats with 3 different price categories for those
  4. Micaelita thanks for your post, but its still not an exact description of each bay and each bays price category for Sydney Also your info refers to level 6 alot...where is that? When you say level 1 and 2, do you mean for example 141-1 is level 1 and 141-2 is level 2? If so why would 141-1 be only $39 if it is a better view than 141-2 where the higher up you are at the back of stage the more of the top of the video screen gets blocked? the day before presale a ticketek person told me they "thought but didn't know for sure" that the $109 seated tickets were all behind in the lower bays, and that $39 was for the seats behind the stage in the upper bays, but someone on another forum said they got behind the stage in the lower bays for $39...another person said they were offered a $109 ticket in section 609 which is way back and high up on the east side, when they thought they could only be offered a ticket behind the stage in the lower bays for that price category, not realising that category was also for the nose bleed seats high up to the back of the stage on the west and east side...so its really misleading...if you can only use code once but one price category covers 2 totally different parts of the ground, ie for $109 its for behind stage AND for nosebleed seats in far back corners then that is a big difference with no guarentee you will be offered behind stage if you want there instead of nosebleed far back corners miles away. no proper price category map + the ultimatum of take first tickets offered or you miss out(even though presale period is 3 days long) + not being able to choose by section rather than price + paying $50 for the priviledge = unfair and not right
  5. thanks baja for your help, time and info - for those that want refunds we will await what to do if refunds are an option, it would be good to know how long people will be given to actually take up the offer of a refund, and how they go about getting the refund as it is possible, as you have asked, that these current unused codes may be able to be used for possible additional shows presales, when many more good seats will be available than now, then people may want to wait and decide wether they want a refund or try their luck for additional shows presales if that actually is possible when its announced so the option of either a refund or a chance to use code(multiple attempts, but max only a purchase of 4 tickets total) for other presales would be fair
  6. Brilliant post Cuan! Also baja - for additional Sydney shows, will current codes be valid for those presales? THERE ARE USUALLY NO PRESALES FOR SECOND SHOWS, BUT I HAVE ASKED. Will the system change by then to allow you to decline any amount of time rather than just once? DO NOT KNOW, BUT I ASKED FOR IT Will the same thing happen again for those shows? I assume on Friday 9am Sydney time people will actually be able to choose by section rather than just price on the internet? DONT KNOW& MAYBE I'm not angry at you baja and thank you for your help, but I am stunned that you are the only person actually trying to help, with all the $50 subscriptions, say 2000 people for example x $50 = $100,000 but I'm sure its much more than that...I would have thought they could afford more help at u2.com? NO COMMENT It would make things alot easier and less stressful for you. AGREE Also not sure if anyone knows but I saw on a forum someone say U2 may resume on Jan 1 with more shows here, does that sound likely or not? Would be great to see u2 on New Years Day! NO CLUE
  7. bajagirl can you or someone else please tell me how to arrange a full refund of the $50 for u2.com subscription? i was not given what i was promised when i signed up - not being able to use the code properly is a breach of the agreement - new codes are meaningless now for those that don't want a bad seat as there would not be any decent seats left available(ticketek, livenation, u2.com, u2 are all making megadollars off this and yet: in the presale people have to choose by price category only, well thats all well and good but the thing is, at least for the Sydney show, NO PROPER MAP DETAILING EXACTLY WHERE EACH PRICE CATEGORY BEGINS AND ENDS HAS EVER BEEN ISSUED ON ANY SITE OR EMAILED TO U2.COM AUS FANS, so its almost like you are choosing blindly, which is not very fair at all for the subscribers of u2.com...and also being forced to take the first tickets available(with 2nd code issued after the problem) or the code is rendered useless and the $50 is gone was never part of the original agreement, and with that kind of ultimatum if a mistake is made by a non-tech savvy person then they cannot try again. surely this scenario is worthy and deserving of a refund? thanks
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