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  1. thanks so much... thought it wasnt the other one because it takes to a place where it actually says sales end today at noon and the stadium and code entry box are already available.. didnt want to enter my code just incase it voided it and im pretty sure my code is for the other link when it comes on at 3 today
  2. so any honest full confirmation what time for brisbane tickets today... and what link is the best one? the u2.com site links this link http://premier.ticketek.c.../show.aspx?sh=U2FANGPA10 which actually says presale ends today at 12 noon so tis obviously the the group 1 fan club presale... what about group 2? todays group any help would be much appreciated... lots of discrepencys.. ill try at 12 and 1 and 3 whatever it takes but would just help to be on the right ticketek link
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